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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Second To Find Ain't Shabby

Ahh, there is nothing like the thrill of a geocaching FTF hunt.

The adrenaline gets a pump'in and you do everything that you can from driving recklessly on the road as you move toward those clean sheetz. Which is exactly what happened today as I left my office for today's Lunchtime Geocache of the Day. My email sounded and I noticed a new published find only 3.4 miles from where I was. Tally Ho!

Off I drove, my palms sweaty on the wheel and as I drove up to ground zero I knew I missed it by a few seconds because there was Moncure Bee Dude signing the log on the hood of his truck.

So I drive up and yelled, "Missed it by that much".

He looked up and smiled.

After a brief conversation I asked if he wouldn't mind standing in for a photo which you can see he did quite nicely. It was great to see him again. Which is why the geocaching community is so very special. You never know who you are going to bump into or when but whoever it is there is always a smile and a handshake waiting.

Now for a hot ham and cheese sandwich. Num.

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Al said...

Congrats on your 2TF. I happened to be the 3TF and apparently just missed you guys by a minute or so. It didn't surprise me to see MBD listed first...seems he's ALWAYS first. Perhaps you could do a blog or Snippit on those pesky constant FTFers? :) I was bummed to see that I just missed you guys...I would have liked to say hello. I've been a fan of your blogs and Snippits for a while now...as is my brother up in Ohio. Have a great evening and keep caching!

俊淑娟美 said...