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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GeoSnack'in - What Geocachers Eat While Geocaching

Went to my favorite source of geocaching goodness Geocaching.com and asked what type of geosnacks geocachers take with them whilest out on the road. The results may surprise you.

Note: If you click on the pie chart graphic you can get all the details as they unfolded.

Here is what I found out:

Water above all other liquids chosen for was by far the most popular. The least was tea and milk. I think alcoholic beverages would have a higher rating if included AFTER the geocaching was done for the day.

Out of the more healthier geosnacks the winners were Energy/Health/Granola Bars and Jerky. Least favorite was Bagels, Chex Mix, Greek Foods, Sunflower Seeds and Vegetables.

The junkfood isle favorite I'm going to give a mixed result. The most popular talked about food was GORP which has a combination of healthy and non healthy goodness. So many people intermixed trail mix and gorp I am putting that as the winner in junkfoodiness. The least faved carb coated power trip was a bit of a jump ball but I am calling Cookies, Krispy Kremes and Pretzels.

So how does your geosnak'in compare on the charts? I'd be interested how many people didn't include Krispy Kremes in the morning and they types of alcoholic libations after they get home.

Thanks to everyone at Geocaching.com's Forums for all the great feedback. You are the best!

Water 12.00%
Energy/Health Bars 9.33%
Jerky 9.33%
Candy 7.33%
Nuts 5.33%
Dried Fruits 4.67%
Gatorade 4.67%
Chips 4.00%
Crackers 4.00%
Soda / Pop 4.00%
Trail Mix 4.00%
Gorp 3.33%
Cheese sticks 2.67%
Fruit 2.67%
Sandwiches 2.67%
Alcoholic Beverage 2.00%
Fast food 2.00%
Licorice 2.00%
Meats 2.00%
Cookies 1.33%
Krispy Kremes 1.33%
Pretzels 1.33%
Raisins 1.33%
Tea 1.33%
Bagel 0.67%
Chex Mix 0.67%
Energy Drink 0.67%
Greek Foods 0.67%
Juice 0.67%
Milk 0.67%
Sunflower seeds 0.67%
Vegetables 0.67%


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