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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GeoSnippits - EasyGPS Loading Geocache Waypoints Into Etrex GPS

I spend quite a bit of my forum time in the "Getting Started" threads. It allows me to help out newer geocachers with any questions that may come up. The idea to do my latest GeoSnippits video came from one of these threads. The geocacher wanted to know if there was an inexpensive yet easier way of loading .GPX files into their Etrex GPS. A little light bulb went off and I thought to myself, "I could do a tutorial on that one." Since I already owned an Etrex Vista already this would be a snap.

So I whipped it out (sorry, just saw Blazing Saddles last night) and took some good photos of the Garmin workhorse in many different stages of loading and unloading of geocache waypoints.

Then I remembered the geocacher wanting an inexpensive application to load waypoints into the Etrex. Normally I would use GSAK but there was another useful application that is also FREE. It's name is EasyGPX by Topografix and you can get a copy at http://www.easygps.com/. For an application with a free price tag it does the job and a bit more. So here was the perfect solution.

With all the pieces in place I commenced to doin' my video'n and voice-over'n then the next thing you know: Tada! GeoSnippits Tutorial:

You can see all my GeoSnippits Geocaching Video Tutorials either

or my new GeoSnippits Webpage: http://www.geosnippits.com/

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Zoma said...

Thanks! These are great. We are newbie geocachers and appreciate any help/advice/tips we can get.

Bobblehead said...

What is the advantage of using this over Garmin's own Roadtrip (which allows nonDMS maps and is what I use) or Basecamp (which Garmin says will soon allow nonDMS maps and will be what I will migrate to when they come through).

These two tools are free downloads, pretty good sw, cross platform (I am a Mac User, and I have an older PPC machine and a newer Intel machine), and are designed for Garmin by Garmin?

Just curious. Many thanks, and keep writing and videoing. I really enjoy your contribution. NMBobblehead