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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Geocaching Event Breakdown: Which One Will YOU Hold Next?

Yes at the time of this posting the Fall leaves have worked past the peak of colors and you can still hear the sounds of acorns pinging off the tops of automobiles in the office parking lot. In the Northern Hemisphere anyway it is a time to reflect on the geocaching season and possibly what will be done next year. My question to you fellow geocacher is, "How about hosting a geocaching event?". If the thought of bringing a bunch of geocachers together for an event gives you chills or you just want to learn more about them read on. There is a lot of valuable information below.

What is a Geocaching event? 
In the Geocaching World, a geocaching event is an opportunity to gather fellow geocachers together to share experiences, food, more geocaching and some common theme to bring everybody together in one place.

Why have a Geocaching event?
Geocaching is an incredibly social network of people. Geocachers all around the world have a common bond through geocaching which is universal. Cachers from other states and countries can feel immediately welcome at a geocaching event. It doesn't matter if you have ten finds, or ten thousand finds. Everybody has something to talk about when it comes to this amazing activity.

Are there different types of Geocaching events?
You betcha.

General Event Types 

- Meet and Greet Geocaching Event - usually very informal and at a local watering hole. Meet and Greet events are meant to get a bunch of geocachers together for the first time to meet up and get to know each other. Many future geocaching activities are planned at these.

- Flash Mob Events - 15 minute limit and has a theme. Flash mobs are very creative and can sometimes get down right goofy. Imagine a spot in a public area where people are just wondering around minding their own business. Suddenly a whistle is blown and 50 geocachers don masks and hats, form a group photo, blow kazoos, everyone signs a log and within 15 minutes disperse as if nothing ever happened.  That is one of a zillion examples of a Flash Mob Event.

- CITO - Cache In Trash Out - The world is our game-board and we like to keep it clean. There can be a handful to hundreds at a CITO geocaching event. The idea is simple. Geocacher care about the environment. That is why you see a lot of us picking up trash while we geocache. The CITO event pops it up a knotch and gets geocachers together a single place and cleans up an entire area. Places like parks, forests, urban areas, parking lots, you name it and everybody pitches in to do their part for the environment.

- Standard Event - can have a handful to hundreds of geocachers. This is your standard type of geocaching event where anything and everything geocaching can happen.
 - Milestone achievements
 - Calendar Ex. 11-11-11
 - Yearly events - annual geocaching events
 -  Like we need a reason, let's get together.

Is it difficult to host a Geocaching event?
Not at all. Yeah sure the bigger more elaborate ones require much more preparation but a standard Meet and Greet only needs a place to meet up, preferably some food and libations and a bunch of geocachers. That's about it. If you want to do something bigger and more active I suggest you talk with other geocachers who have already held geocaching events and get ideas and information from them.

What goes on at Geocaching events?
Everything Geocaching! BBQs, Auctions, Geocoin/Pathtag trade-offs, Contests, Activities, Geocaching Hunts, Games, Hiking, Adventures, Educational classes and so much more.

What does it take to setup a Geocaching event?
Registering your event on geocaching.com, understanding what it takes to put on a successful party, the right amount of people to setup and host the event and enough people to clean up afterwards. Do you homework first and know what you are getting into but once you host your first. There really isn't much to it.

Geocachers look forward to several things when attending a Geocaching event.
- Food
- Places to find Geocaches
- Talking about Geocaching
- Trackables
- Some themed activities to accomplish
     For Example:
       Silent Auction
       Trackables Trade-off
       Pre-planned geocache hunt
       Painting Geocaches for the kids
       Group/family activities and games
       Geocaching classes
       Geocaching in the area

Planning / hosting a successful Geocaching event
Here are some more helpful suggestions:

- Have a defined purpose. Even if it is a meet and greet.
- Select a location that is geocache rich.
- Have at an area where food is provided or available
- Know how many are coming and be prepared.
- Geocaching activities are important
- Give a ways are great
- Getting the local community involved if possible
- Reserve location space if a larger event - park, building, etc.
- Contact local Geocaching groups to help with event ideas and doing the event itself.

Well that about wraps it up. I hope you found some valuable information from this post and consider hosting your very own geocaching event very soon.


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Anonymous said...

I love the painting geocaches idea to be included in an event. We're hosting our first meet & greet next week, so it's too close to add the geocache painting, but I'm adding it to the future event to-do list. Thank you for the suggestion.