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Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Convert Mapping Coordinates to GPS Coordinates

I am no mathematician in any sense but I know a good utility that does math when I see one.

Every once in a while I get asked how do you convert mapping coordinates so that they look like the type of numbers found on a GPS. I usually point them towards an internet URL and send them on their way but today I realized this needs to be a permanent resident on my blog. So here it is.

Go to this URL --> http://boulter.com/gps/

At the top put in just about any combination of coords that are out there into the top field.

For example - N 35.123456789 W 078.123456789

Click the "Convert and Map" button and wha-la several different outputs including one for GPS Units...

Remember to bookmark this one it is a real keeper and will help you in all sorts of ways including solving puzzle geocaches...


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HHH's Lunchtime GotD: The Doh Factor

My geocaching senses were way off on this lunchtime geocache. It was a cool sunny day and I wanted this one bad. It was my fourth attempt and it was getting on my nerves.

I'm not going to give this one completely away but I will fill you in on some of the details. The hide is this, a very muggle filled area with a lot of pipes in a confined space. There are multiple possibilities for the hide to be. Because of what is in the pipes created for me a very uncomfortable situation but that also increased the intensity of the hunt itself. This was in no way an easy park and grab.

This time I went at this one aggressively, no kinda look here or soft touch there. This time I attacked the area like a full body search and I was not going to be polite. After 10 minutes of searching I still came up empty - Dang, not again.

Determined to find this I stepped back and looked at the area with an outside the box viewpoint. I knew the geocache was there. If it is not in the likely or unlikely places then go for the impossible spots. After a few minutes I noticed one teeny-tiny thing that looked out of place. Ah-ha, the geocache and the Doh! to the forehead was mine.

I don't know about you but I love the satisfaction of a geocache that I had to work for and eventually found. No matter how many times it takes.

If you email or direct message me I will send you a shot of the actual find.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Poorly Hidden Geocache

Every once in a while it happens with geocaches. You walk up to ground zero and you find the geocache in a really bad placement. This geocache was exposed yet in an area that originally had bushes to cover it but they have either died or have been removed.

So what do you do?

What you do is first verify the cache is not just laying on the ground and to see if maybe it fell out of it's true hidey hole. If this is not the case, all you can really do is rehide it as best as you can.

Do Not move the geocache more than a few feet from where you found it, if that. Nothing can cheese a geocache owner more than having somebody move their geocache to what the finder thinks is a better spot.

When in doubt, send the owner an email stating the situation. I am sure they would appreciate it...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Magnetic Micros

This fun lunch time geocache was hidden behind a corporation logo. You are looking down with the grey wall to the back and the gold colored logo facing outward.

I needed to use the tweezers to get the log book out. Not because of the size of the cache but because of a cute button that was jammed inside. A very nice quick find on a cold soon to be sleeting day.
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Our Blog Is A Winner In The 2010 Golden Retrevo Awards

There I was drinking my coffee and checking out my blog stats when I noticed a link that caught my eye. It showed that a user came from the golden-retrevo-awards-winners page.

Hmmm, wondered what that was so I decided to check it out. Much to my delight and surprise was this very cool looking web page from Retrevo that had several different categories and one of them had my blog name. Apparently GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right? has won in the category of GPS Units. Below is a snippet from the web site.

Welcome to the first annual Golden Retrevo Awards; honoring the best and brightest independent gadget blogs on the web. This year's winners were selected by Retrevo's panel of judges and also chosen by votes from the general public.

If you would like to see the other winners as well please follow the link below. I would like to thank Retrevo for this fine award and everyone who voted for us. We will be beaming for months to come.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD : Series Geocache 2 of 10

Series geocaches can be so much fun and I look forward to the completed piece.

This is piece number two of the series for todays Lunchtime Geocache of the Day.

Here is the link to the first piece of which I found a while back.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Soggy, Wet, Geocaching Goodness

Hey anybody can go geocaching when it's sunny out...

Yeppers, my feet are soaked, it's absolutely pouring out, I parked in the completely wrong spot and climbed up a 18' high, 30% angle, wet grassy hill (thus finding out I parked in the wrong spot). In other words my normal time out geocaching.

You see it's not a matter of IF it is raining out, rather than HOW MUCH it is raining. Some of your best geocaching can be accomplished in bad weather because there are no muggles around.

Today's Lunchtime Geocache of the Day was a key holder in a gaurd rail. Didn't take long to find it once I zeroed in on ground zero. The bonus for today was not this find...

But this one...

It was behind the gaurd rail and in front of the wooden post. There were no holes or missing bolts two posts either way and just sitting there. In fact I thought it was the geocache at first.

So guess what this is eventually going to turn out to be ;) Muhahahaha!

Here is where I parked looking down at my cachemobile. The actual geocache was about 15' from where I could have parked on the side of the road. Sigh - dry socks are overrated anyways.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey Geocacher - Nice Swag!

It's a shame really that people in this part of the world do not take swag more seriously. I mean unless you are a kid (at heart) or only new to the sport the fun of trading treasures seems to have fallen aback. This lunchtime geocache of the day seems to have some real goodies left inside. So lessee, what can I trade for a first aid kit?

Want to learn more about swag and geocaching? Check out another of my posts...
Everything You Wanted To Know About Swag...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

HHH's GotD: Great Tape Job

This lunchtime geocache of the day is a large pill bottle taped up with some really heavy duty duct tape. It kept it well cammied and protected. The heavier plastic baggie kept the logbook dry.
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GeoSnippits: Geocaching in the Media Presentation

(L-Darrylw4, M-HHH, R-Xpunkx. Darrylw4 and Xpunkx are hosts of the Geocaching Podcast show. )

Geocaching in the media can be a very touchy subject. For many the media has helped the activity of geocaching grow with both understanding and encouragement. Other times, not so much.

This presentation given by HeadHardHat of GeoSnippits at Cachercon 2010 in Troy, Michigan was one of several for the day. It was very well received and continues to bring up discussions all around the globe.

We hope you find it to be both informative and entertaining with the intent to promote the game, sport, yes obsession of geocaching in the global community.

Geocaching In The Media (Part One) Presentation by HeadHardHat

If you cannot see the viewer above please click this link to see it on youtube.

Geocaching In The Media (Part Two) Presentation by HeadHardHat

If you cannot see the viewer above please click this link to see it on youtube.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Birthday Lunchtime GotD: Getting Cocky

Okay I admit it. I bit off more than I could chew for a lunchtime geocache. I originally went for a 3.5/3.5 that I had my eye on for a while. Went for it and no joy before I had to move on :(

Yet another geocache was just down the road. It was an easy find and gave me a smiley for my birthday.

So do as I suggest and not as I do.. Keep your lunchtime geocaches at a 2 or less if you want to have time enough for some grub.. Speaking of which I think I will have to hit a drive-thru.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD: A Geocaching Proposal

This is just too cool. The owner of this geocache took his girl friend out geocaching for the first time. She was reluctant at first but quickly had the GPSr in hand and was looking for their next find.

Much to her surprise this particular geocache was for her. In the log the cache owner asked for her to marry him. She said YES!

You can actually see the proposal and her response right there in the geocache which was filled with wedding swag. This was a very enjoyable Lunchtime geocache. I wish them well and many happy geocaching days together.

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Thank You Miss Geoness

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a daughter like Amanda (Geoness). Oh sure she is in full blown teen-ager-ism with all it's attitude and gut wrenching emotions that go along with it. Yet we are making it through (mostly).

Geoness has been geocaching with me almost from day one. Being the competative type you can usually see both of us sprinting from the geocache mobile trying to be first with the find. You see the one who finds it, gets to sign it. That's bragging rights between the both of us.

She took to photography rather quickly after she noticed how many photographs I take when out in the wilds. She wanted to learn how it worked and what looked good and not so good, learning from example as she went.

Amanda became the official "camera crew" of GeoSnippits from the very beginning and has been instrumental in making her father look as good as possible when in front of the camera (mostly). When behind the video camera she watches how I act and speak as I go from one scene to the next.

"You slurred on that one dad", she would say in a huff.

"Slow down and breathe".

Take two and on we would continue with the filming or was that take eighteen?.

Whether it was lugging camera equipment up steep hill sides or trying to keep trees from poking out of my head in the background. My Miss Geoness is all aces in my book and I could not imagine doing geocaching without her.

Thanks Amanda!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - Ammo Box in MicroTown

Around the RTP (Research Triangle Park) in North Carolina the area is loaded with geocaches. Mostly all micros with the occasional small. So when the opportunity to find a regular comes up you take it. Today's Lunchtime Geocache of the Day took me a smidge farther down the road but still within two miles from work. Found another sandwich shop where I am typing this now and that is always good.

With this cache I was able to move on a couple of travel bugs so - Bonus! Rain looks possible on this cool winter day but finding an ammo box always brightens my way.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD - FTF!

This lunchtime geocache of the day is extra sweet because it is a FTF (First To Find) for me. Clean sheets is da best. I didn't try hard because it was sitting there all day so I was sure somebody already picked it up. Awesome.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Water Sampler: Good Geocache Container?

I just had one of these in our mailbox. First thought popped in my mind was "cool geocache container"! What would be a more waterproof than something that holds water that gets transported in the mail?

Called the water treatment place to see if they will tell me what company they get them from. Will pass on the details when I get them.
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HHH Lunchtime GotD: Pill Bottle Geocache

Was attending a company meeting today yet was still able to retrieve this Lunchtime smiley.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD: Look Around

This geocache was found 40 feet from ground zero. Yet I still managed to find it. Why?

In geocaching you will have many more finds if you just put your GPS away when at ground zero and simply start looking around. Think to yourself.

"Where would I put it"?

Many times you will guess right. Remember that geocaches can be off up to 60 feet so keep on looking.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The FIRST Geocaching TV Show - HeadHardHat's TreasureCache

Yes you read that right...

In September of 2010 there will be a 30 minute television show dedicated to the game, sport, yes obsession of geocaching. I was so pleased to be able to give the announcement of this history making event at this years Cachercon 2010 in Troy, Michigan.

I braved two snow storms, twelve hours of driving and 750 miles to make it to Cachercon. There I had a great time as one of the many geocacher speakers who gave some of our knowledge from within the geocaching world.

After my presentation the announcement was made and I still can hear the hoots and hollers as the main slides introduced the show's name.

HeadHardHat's TreasureCache

It was a moment I will not soon forget. If anything I am so pumped about doing the show my mind is going in a million different directions at once. So what can I tell you at this moment because I know there are a lot of questions out there. The issue is not all of it is allowed to go public just yet so you are just going to have to be patient. I know it's hard for me too.

What I can tell you is this. There will be a show... that's always a good start.

Currently we have some HUGE sponsors contending for the show itself. I can't say who of course but they are the biggest in the geocaching world. As for the network, we have two who are the largest in both prime-time and the cable networks. Won't know which until the smoke settles.

For all our Michigan Magazine fans do not worry. I plan on continuing to have our GeoSnippits on that fantastic show for as long as Barry wants them there. None of this may have happened at all if it was not for MMTV.

So I know this is not a fountain of information but please rest assured that all the information that becomes available will be broadcast to you, either on this blog, Twitter or Facebook so if you are not signed up to us, please do so. There are places to join on the right side of this blog.

More to come soon!


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When It's a 1.5, Avoid the Brier Patches

In hindsight I knew pretty much immediately that I was going down the wrong path for this Lunchtime Geocache of the Day.

It was a 1.5/1.5 and my choice of direction took me directly through a rather dense brier patch. As the thorns tore at my pants I kept thinking to myself that this was just a 1.5 and in front of me was this large tree so of course I assumed the logical spot was right there.

A few moments later it dawned on me that I was way off and my "ass-u-me" got me again.

With a heavy and somewhat soggy sigh I made my way back to a more accurate starting point. Within a couple of minutes I made short work of this find.

So if you are interested in a few words of advice? When you start doubting yourself while geocaching. Listen to that little voice in your head. Your pant legs will thank you.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

HHH's Lunchtime GotD: 35mm Geocache

Yeah it was just a skirt hide but it brought about a smile and a smiley to my day!
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Cachercon 2010: An Amazing Geocaching Event

Right off the bat I would like to personally thank the Motor City Cache Machine, DarrylW4 and Firefly03 for inviting me to participate in Cachercon 2010 Metro Detroit. This was an amazing geocaching teaching event that I had the pleasure of speaking at. It was held at a Holiday Inn in Troy, Michigan.

This was an all day event which included presentations on GSAK, Earthcaches, Paperless Geocaching and so much more. I personally did a lecture on Geocaching in the Media.
The atmosphere of the entire event was very relaxed and the geocachers were free to wonder into any session that interested them, lounge in the spacious chat area or venture out into the frozen tundra of Michigan to find nearby geocaches. I witnessed many discussing stories of past finds or even trading pathtags which seems to be quite the collectors item lately. I myself was able to trade a few dozen with others.

The pace of Cachercon was enjoyable to say the very least. Between each set a GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Video was shown and seemed to be quite the talk amongst the viewers. It broke things up and the whole day flew by in one continuous whoosh.

The other really cool aspect was the use of two screens for everyone to watch through the entire event. Of particular interest was a screen saver that showed live Tweets on the screens. Any one that had the word Cachercon was fair game and displayed. It really was mesmerizing to observe.

The very first activity was a LIVE broadcast from the Geocaching Podcast crew. DarrylW4 and XpunkX gave a great performance as usual hitting many of the hot topics in the geocaching world and answering questions from the audience as well. It was a real treat being able to finally meet them after listening to their Geocaching Podcast for so long.

Below are some photos of the rest of the speakers as well:

Rattrak giving a very impressive talk about Earthcaches.

XpunkX giving a presentation about GSAK functionality.

Geoaddict discussed the pros and benefits to paperless geocaching.

South Lyon Trekkers showed how to make custom mappings for some of your Garmin GPS units.

Team Memila showed the possibilities of using Iphones while Geocaching.

Gsix5666 displayed several different types of geocaches then discussed the pros and cons of using different containers while geocaching.

The Conman gave an in depth presentation on how to play a different form of geocaching known as Wherigo.

Then it was time for me (HeadHardHat) to take the stage and talk about Geocaching in the Media. I had a great time with the audience and everybody seemed receptive to this sometimes touchy discussion.

At the end of the session I did a history making announcement that put the crowd into a frenzy. Yes believe it or not in September of 2010 yours truly will have his own geocaching based TV show!
More details to come in another post!!!

Finally two geocaching reviewers (DeRock and Tiki)came up and really had a good time explaining why and how geocaches get authorized and sometimes not. Plus helpful hints on what you need to do to speed up the process.

The day went by way too fast and after reading many of the reviews turned in. This mini-mega event was very much enjoyed and most everybody can't wait for it to come back again next year. Until then...
You can see all my photos here:

GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right?
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reviewers DeRock and Tiki Live Now at Cachercon

Reviewers DeRock and Tiki Live Now at Cachercon
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Whereigo Presentation at Cachercon

Whereigo Presentation at Cachercon #geocaching
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Live At Cachercon

A really great presentation about Geocaching containers Live at Cachercon
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Live From Cachercon: Team Melina About Geocaching With Iphone

Team Melina Live at Cachercon doing Presentation about #Geocaching with Iphones
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Roger from South Lyon Trekkers Giving Live Demo of Custom Maps

South Lyon Trekkers gives a demo on how to do Custom Maps of the high end Garmin GPSs
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GeoAddict Giving a Great Presentation About Paperless Geocaching

LIVE Presentation about Paperless Geocaching from GeoAddict at Cachercon.
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XpunkX Live at Cachercon: GSAK Demo

XpunkX showing his GSAK knowledge at Cachercon.
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Earthcaching Discussion at Cachercon Event

What a great discussion about Earthcaching. At Cachercon.
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LIVE Shot From Cachercon : Geocaching Podcast Show

Here is a live shot from the audience at Cachercon in Troy, MI.
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