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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GeoSnippits Make Your Own PVC Hydrant Geocache

The latest GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Video went live on You Tube.

This episode entitled "GeoSnippits Make Your Own PVC Hydrant Geocache" is a How To tutorial which gives you step by step instructions on making your own geocache out of some PVC pipe and other knick knacks found at your local hardware store.

Also featured in this episode is the introduction to Emily the GeoPuppy who tests to make sure the hydrant geocache is up to puppy snuff.

You can see the video via YouTube here:


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Read This If You Get Ticked Off About Ticks

Straight out of our list of cool gadgets, gizmos and useful geocaching thing-a-ma-bobs...

If you live in a state that is prone to ticks you may be interested in this little invention.

It's called Ticked Off and claims to be the simplest tool for removing the pesky pests.

I know in North Carolina we are supposedly the buckle of the tick belt which stretches from Virginia down through South Carolina. Ticks a major issue and you do not have to be a geocacher to know it. All you have to do is wander through any grass higher than a couple of inches and you will become a giant walking dinner.

In my opinion, this is a must have type of tool to keep with you just in case. Like the next time you take a walk.

Here is a link to their website. http://www.tickedoff.com/

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Really Sweet Article About Little Ole Me

How did that country singer put it? It's all about me, all about I, all about number one....

Well as much as I like blogging, twittering and gabbing with everybody about some of my accomplishments in the geocaching universe. I REALLY enjoy giving helpful information out to the world and hopefully make geocaching easier for those who would like it. That's the whole reason I started GeoSnippits.

I must be doing something right because in just a few months I have over 26 thousand views on the You Tube videos. My blogs and the GeoSnippits website is seen literally all around the planet. I am featured on the Find Me The Movie and Trimble Outdoors Geocache Navigator websites and I am talking to Barry Stutesman from Michigan Magazine TV, among other interesting upcoming things. Who knew?

But I digress, enough about me. Let's talk about... me.

If you read Monday's post I talked about a very nice interview with Darcie Gudger from the Denver Examiner. Below is Darcie's actual article. Take a moment and give it a glance won't you?

Darcie Gudger's Denver Examiner Article Here.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Find Me The Movie Coming Out May 30th, 2009

Well with only a week or so away from the Geocaching based movie Find Me coming out. We thought we would direct one section of their website to you.

If you click the Geocaching 101 link in the lower left you will see several GeoSnippits Video Tutorials which we made at the request of the Find Me folks and a few of our regular episodes.

Please be sure to check out all of the Find Me website and see the rather slick looking interface for Geocaching 101 too.

Find Me comes out May 30th, 2009! Check out their website here: http://www.findmethemovie.com/

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks For The Interview Darcie Gudger

I had just the nicest talk with Darcie Gudger of the Denver Examiner this last Friday. The kind of pleasant conversation one would find when friends meet at a coffee house and you can just kick up your feet and talk.

This was the first time Darcie and I have been able to talk over the phone. I originally found out about her when she put one of my GeoSnippits videos into an article she had posted. Then shortly after that I watched her introduction into geocaching via Twitter. Yep she is a geocacher and out walking the trails of Colorado searching for tupperware in the woods just like the rest of us. It was fun to read as she progressed from geocache to geocache and we talked about the likes and dislikes of the game. I would talk about finds that I had recently found then she would talk about the trails in the back woods she had hiked and back and forth we gabbed.

One of the more interesting experiences actually happened to her earlier that same day. She had been walking the trails towards a rocky geocache ground zero when she almost stepped onto a rattlesnake. Quite a thrill for sure but she shrugged it off like a champ and said those encounters can be quite common. You just have to be careful. Hmmmm, sounds like something I would say in one of my videos. Oh yeah, that is what I say in my videos....

We talked some more and next thing I realized that a whole hour had just vaporized and it was getting late. Before we ended the conversation though I did have to chuckle a bit and I told Darcie straight out. "You're hooked on geocaching Darcie, I can tell it in your voice."

She laughed and said she knew but it's too late now.. Another welcomed into the obsession.

Darcie is a freelance writer, author and toddler tamer. You can see her articles online in papers like The Denver Examiner.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GeoSnack'in - What Geocachers Eat While Geocaching

Went to my favorite source of geocaching goodness Geocaching.com and asked what type of geosnacks geocachers take with them whilest out on the road. The results may surprise you.

Note: If you click on the pie chart graphic you can get all the details as they unfolded.

Here is what I found out:

Water above all other liquids chosen for was by far the most popular. The least was tea and milk. I think alcoholic beverages would have a higher rating if included AFTER the geocaching was done for the day.

Out of the more healthier geosnacks the winners were Energy/Health/Granola Bars and Jerky. Least favorite was Bagels, Chex Mix, Greek Foods, Sunflower Seeds and Vegetables.

The junkfood isle favorite I'm going to give a mixed result. The most popular talked about food was GORP which has a combination of healthy and non healthy goodness. So many people intermixed trail mix and gorp I am putting that as the winner in junkfoodiness. The least faved carb coated power trip was a bit of a jump ball but I am calling Cookies, Krispy Kremes and Pretzels.

So how does your geosnak'in compare on the charts? I'd be interested how many people didn't include Krispy Kremes in the morning and they types of alcoholic libations after they get home.

Thanks to everyone at Geocaching.com's Forums for all the great feedback. You are the best!

Water 12.00%
Energy/Health Bars 9.33%
Jerky 9.33%
Candy 7.33%
Nuts 5.33%
Dried Fruits 4.67%
Gatorade 4.67%
Chips 4.00%
Crackers 4.00%
Soda / Pop 4.00%
Trail Mix 4.00%
Gorp 3.33%
Cheese sticks 2.67%
Fruit 2.67%
Sandwiches 2.67%
Alcoholic Beverage 2.00%
Fast food 2.00%
Licorice 2.00%
Meats 2.00%
Cookies 1.33%
Krispy Kremes 1.33%
Pretzels 1.33%
Raisins 1.33%
Tea 1.33%
Bagel 0.67%
Chex Mix 0.67%
Energy Drink 0.67%
Greek Foods 0.67%
Juice 0.67%
Milk 0.67%
Sunflower seeds 0.67%
Vegetables 0.67%


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Friday, May 8, 2009

GeoSnippits Videos Featured On Find Me The Movie Website

We are just absolutely ecstatic to have GeoSnippits featured now on the website for the upcoming indy Tracy J. Trost film Find Me. This mystery thriller is based around the activity of geocaching.

We were asked by the film's marketing director Joe Jestus if we could make a three part introduction to geocaching and also use some other existing GeoSnippits videos. The rest is as they say history and you can see the results on their website.

The movie will be coming out May 30th, 2009.

If you go here: http://www.findmethemovie.com and click on the Geocaching 101 link. You will be taken to their introduction to geocaching page which has a handful of our GeoSnippits videos.

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From Our Bag of Geocaching Thing-O-Ma-Bobs

From Our Bag of Geocaching Thing-O-Ma-Bobs:

You might want to bring this along when you are out geocaching. Especially if there are creepy crawlies where you might not expect them.

2" 'snake' mirror (so-named for more'n one reason!!)

You can get them here:

Harbor Freight Tools....got one nearby?
Or you can order by web.
And the item....only ~$3:
And the telescoping one, only $2 if you still want:

Thanks to Star*Hopper for the suggestion!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Power of a Travel Bug - Cancer Awareness

You see I start writing this article - again and I can already feel my throat tightening up and a some what unsuccessful fight to hold back the tears ensues. One or two manage to make it through. I push through the millions of images that well up like some broken water main but it is important to get my feelings as they emerge. It's important for you to understand that some things in life have a deep impact and to me, this is one of them.

Travel bugs are usually a fun filled trinket that has a special silver tag and id number attached to let you know they are not swag but special geocaching travellers. They are not to be kept but to constantly be moving and follow specific goals as they go from one geocache to the next. Similar to geocoins but different because they literally can be anything. I have seen stuffed and plastic toys, car parts, posters, some things unidentifiable all with the purpose of being free spirits in the geocaching playing field.

All are to be enjoyed yet some have a distinct and sometimes not so cheery purpose. Some give a message of hope or to allow the finder an awareness of some useful meaning. For example my very first travel bug found was from a series of Diabetes Awareness travellers. It was nothing more than a small blue circle of enamel and metal with the familiar silver tag. When you went to the travel bug page you then learned about the Diabetes information and where you could get more. I thought of it as a great way of getting the word out without being pushy.

Shortly after finding that travel bug I also had a wish to send out information about another awareness and that was for cancer. The reason for that was due to the passing of my first wife Sharon from that dreaded disease. Sharon was a shining beacon of life and was the type of person who insisted on helping others including her 13 years of Sunday School teaching. She was the quintessential farmers daughter and constantly gave tails of her adventures on her parents farm. In 2001 Sharon died at age of 42 from ovarian cancer.

So in her memory I created a travel bug called "Farmers Daughter - Cancer Awareness" (TB21K6F) and sent it out 13 months ago to this day. It has travelled to this point over 3900 miles from the east coast and is currently buzzing around Utah somewhere.

During it's travels there have been times where I noticed that it would be picked up by someone and held, sometimes for several months. At first I did not understand what was going on and I would send a quick email saying hey, how's it going and would you mind moving it along. Then I would get a response back. Each time someone either knew someone who has or died from cancer. That or is going through therapy and wanted to know if they could hang onto a bit longer because it gave them comfort or hope to keep going (more tears welling up). I don't ask anymore.

So when you do see a travel bug or geocoin that has a little more meaning behind it besides wanting it to go to another country or a different part of the world. Please pause and take a moment to reflect. I have always said that geocaching is so much more than just a game. Sometimes pieces of our lives and a connection we do not always understand are woven into our world of a game board.

We miss you Sharon.


If you would like to see an update on this travel bug you can check out this post here:

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Printable Geocaching Brochure / Pamphlet To Give To Others

Fresh out of the You Tube Email Bag.

One of our GeoSnippits viewers asked if there was a way of explaining geocaching to a person (a.k.a. muggle) without sounding like you were crazy?

My answer is well, "yes".

I do not intend on stealing anybody else's thunder out there. There are several geocaching brochures made by people who have been with geocaching since the beginning and have put out some really professionally made documentation. I am merely giving the links to their fine works.

There are two that I really like and have used many times when approaching a business owner to get permission to place a geocache on their property, been approached by authority figures like the police, or the just plain curious.

They give you a bit more credibility because you have something pre-printed and ready to show right their in your hot little hands.

This one is from the fine folks at Geocacher-U and not only does it have it in English but other languages as well.

Here is the other which has almost a business look and feel to it.

If you have any questions about geocaching please do not hesitate to ask. If I don't know the answer I know a whole lot of geocachers who do.. So ask away!
Oh and by the way. You don't have to be crazy to do geocaching, but it sure does help ;p

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