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Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks For The Interview Darcie Gudger

I had just the nicest talk with Darcie Gudger of the Denver Examiner this last Friday. The kind of pleasant conversation one would find when friends meet at a coffee house and you can just kick up your feet and talk.

This was the first time Darcie and I have been able to talk over the phone. I originally found out about her when she put one of my GeoSnippits videos into an article she had posted. Then shortly after that I watched her introduction into geocaching via Twitter. Yep she is a geocacher and out walking the trails of Colorado searching for tupperware in the woods just like the rest of us. It was fun to read as she progressed from geocache to geocache and we talked about the likes and dislikes of the game. I would talk about finds that I had recently found then she would talk about the trails in the back woods she had hiked and back and forth we gabbed.

One of the more interesting experiences actually happened to her earlier that same day. She had been walking the trails towards a rocky geocache ground zero when she almost stepped onto a rattlesnake. Quite a thrill for sure but she shrugged it off like a champ and said those encounters can be quite common. You just have to be careful. Hmmmm, sounds like something I would say in one of my videos. Oh yeah, that is what I say in my videos....

We talked some more and next thing I realized that a whole hour had just vaporized and it was getting late. Before we ended the conversation though I did have to chuckle a bit and I told Darcie straight out. "You're hooked on geocaching Darcie, I can tell it in your voice."

She laughed and said she knew but it's too late now.. Another welcomed into the obsession.

Darcie is a freelance writer, author and toddler tamer. You can see her articles online in papers like The Denver Examiner.

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Marc said...

Nice post Andy!

Yep, Darcie has done a good job.

D. Gudger said...

Psssst... it's Gudger :)
It was great talking w/ you too. I'm actually working on that interview article now.

HeadHardHat said...

Whoops, corrected...

Sorry Darcie