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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tutorial Video on Loading Waypoints and POIs onto a Garmin 60CSx

HeadHardHat got himself a new toy and boy is it fun for Geocaching. I have in my hot little hands a brand spanking new Garmin 60CSx GPS. Some of you with the more up to date GPSs may just go "big deal", but I have done my research and pound for pound I have found that the 60CSx is the work horse's work horse. I know it has been on the market for several years now and there is a reason why it is still the most popular handheld GPS to date.

When discussing what Geocachers like about their 60CSx units the top three faves is accuracy, durability and ease of use. As of this post I have had mine for three weeks and I couldn't agree more.

The shear size of memory for maps and POIs with the addition of an SD card (I upgraded from the factory 256Meg to 2Gig) is quite useful. I currently have my standard 1000 Geocache waypoints and the addition of the 20,000 - yes 20,000 additional geocaches loaded as Points of Interest (POIs). The kicker is that has barely scratched the memory surface and there is tons of room for custom maps.

Okay I just know you are asking yourself why would I bother with keeping 20,000 geocaches on my GPS? Go ahead ask, I'm right here... The reason is it takes almost no time to load and maintain that many when you use an application like GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife). GSAK stores all my .GPX files that I receive from geocaching.com which is also known as Pocket Queries. You simply drag and drop them onto GSAK and it loads them automatically. Then I run a filter to clean up the geocaches the way I want and download them to the Garmin. That's it, and I can do the whole thing in about 15 minutes. Now I can know the whereabouts of pretty much every geocache in my state. Tell me that's not helpful.

So speaking of geocache waypoints and POIs, interested in having multitudes on your GPS? Glad you asked so lets get to it.

GeoSnippits - Load POIs and Waypoints to Garmin 60CSx Part One
Part One shows you how to get the necessary .gpx files via geocaching.com's Pocket Queries. Then how to load them into GSAK which will then load the geocache waypoints onto your Garmin 60CSx GPS.

Go To Video on YouTube:

GeoSnippits - Load POIs and Waypoints to Garmin 60CSx Part Two
Part Two shows you how to load all those thousands of Points Of Interest (POI)s onto your SD card in the Garmin GPS. One complete you have the latest and greatest information for potentially thousands of geocaches. So what are you waiting for? Lets Get Started...

Go To Video on YouTube:

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and feel free to let me know your comments and suggestions. If fact 90% of all the GeoSnippits tutorials we make are from suggestions by geocachers and people like you.

Thanks in advance -HHH

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GeoJoe said...

Very nice post. I bought my 60csx about a year ago (replacing a Garmin GPSMap 12), and it was the best purchase I ever made.

Not sure I'd ever need 20k caches on my device, but good to know I can. I use the Garmin Custom Symbol Export macro in GSAK (see, GCSE)which puts the appropriate GC symbol on my Garmin screen. This loads the caches as waypoints rather than POI's, but until I start finding more than 1,000 caches in one day, it works fine for my needs ;).

Just John said...

I don't think I've ever read a single word about the 60csx that is critical of it, and there's no shortage of reviews of it, and "newer" models.

Attiq Ur Rehman said...

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Unknown said...

As a fledgling geo-wizard, I have just ordered the Garmin 60CSx, upgrading from a Garmin road Nuvi! I expect great things from it, but am somewhat intimidated by it as well. I found your review, and video link and have bookmarked it. Thanks in advance for your help, which I'll surely need! :o)

Unknown said...

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