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Friday, August 28, 2009

Listen to HeadHardHat on the Cache-A-Maniacs Podcast Show

I had such a fun filled day when I recently met up with Darryl (Darrylw4) and Drei (Firefly03) in Roseville, Michigan. Not only was I going to be able to interview these two wonderful podcast hosts for my
GeoSnippits show but they were going to interview me for their Cache-A-Maniacs podcast.

We had a great time setting up the video and sound for both shows which also allowed us to get to know each other better as well. Once the two interviews were complete we also were invited to the Geocaching Roseville Event where a lot of caching goodness, camaraderie and great food ensued.

I look forward to coming back to Michigan soon to do some serious geocaching with Darryl and Drei in the not too distant future.

So now, sit back and relax while listening to this ole HeadHardHat gab about himself in the Cache-A-Maniacs Podcast.

Note- After you click the link below just click the grey word Pod next to the title.
You can listen to the entire show here: Cache-A-Maniacs Show #141

Remember to come back and see the two part GeoSnippits Interview with the Cache-A-Maniacs.
You can see the two part GeoSnippits interview here: GeoSnippits Interviews

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