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Sunday, August 9, 2009

GeoSnippits Heading For Television on Michigan Magazine TV

Yes it's true, spread the word. Geocaching is going to have air time on the television airways.

GeoSnippits is a very popular series of geocaching tutorials and useful information that can be found on You Tube and the GeoSnippits website http://www.geosnippits.com. This geocaching phenom hosted by Andy Smith a.k.a. HeadHardHat has grown greatly in popularity over the past year and has been featured on GPS company websites like Trimble Outdoors and to help teach movie goers for the geocaching film FIND ME.

Now the GeoSnippits series is heading for the networks, the RFD Network to be specific and Michigan Magazine TV. Dell and Barry have been hosts of Michigan Magazine since 1989 and even with Dell in semi-retirement Barry continues to bring the amazing aspects of the Great Lakes State to viewers in all 50 states.

GeoSnippits will bring an adventure filled perspective to Michigan Magazine TV by showing it's audience the treasure seeking fun of Geocaching. Geocaching is an outside activity that utilizes GPS units with the help of satellites in space to find well hidden caches placed all around the world. GeoSnippits will feature areas around Michigan itself and other parts of the country as well.

Michigan Magazine TV can be seen twice weekly on the RFD-TV Network. Click Here to see show times and channels for your area.

Please don't forget to visit our GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos Website at http://www.geosnippits.com

1 comment:

Barry Stutesman said...

I am SOOOOO looking forward to GeoSnippits! We are getting exciting viewer feedback for upcoming segments! :-)