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Friday, June 12, 2009

Checking Out The AllSportGPS Phone App by Trimble

This is going to be an ongoing series because I do not just intend doing only a review and GeoSnippits episode on this neat application. This is going to be used to keep track of me getting back to a more healthier lifestyle and you can come right along with me.

Let's face it... I'm fat. I know I'm fat, if you have seen my videos or photos you know I'm fat and I admit it. With that being said it also means that I need to work on better health ideals and I need an easy and convenient way for me to track my exercise. Because not only am I overweight - I'm lazy and the last thing I want to do is calculate how far I walked and how much I burned in calories doing it. Heck for most of the time I will be busy getting enough oxygen to my legs so I can keep moving. I don't need the extra aggravation.

That is where an application I have found by Trimble comes in. It is called AllSportGPS and I like it a lot. I am going to give a complete review shortly but let me give you some highlights. I am currently using it on my BlackBerry Curve 8310 with AT&T. The application works on many other GPS enabled phones and you can check out all the availability on their website at the end of this post. The cool part is the application specializes with all sorts of sporting activities. For example I do walking, there is a whole section dedicated to walkers. There is also sections for Running, Road Biking, Mtn. Biking, Trail Running, Boarding/Ski, etc. So if you are outdoors it will track what you do while you are doing it. Very Cool and the best part is it saves each session on your phone and online in a calendar so you can get all the data you want of where you have been and what you burned off while doing it.

Below is a session I just did tonight while walking my GeoPuppy Emily. You can see all your sessions on your phone in real-time and on your PC after it logs the information back to Trimble.

You can see exactly where I walked and if you drill down on the other links below you can see all the details including what I walked, the elevations I walked (yes our neighborhood is that hilly) and other interesting facts. Again all is loaded to their server once you stop your session. Way cool.

Feel free and look around, I don't mind.

So if a product like this interests you check out AllSportGPS here. Oh and they currently have a 60 day try it before you buy it offer for Black Berry owners going on - I highly recommend it.

In fact if you do sign up for AllSportGPS and want to join my group
The HeadHardHat's Hard Heads
where you can post your daily exercise trips right along with me to show the world you are trying to make a better you too.

So what do you say? Post comments below or sign up with the rest of the Hard Heads and lets get out there.

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Heather said...

There's actually no significant health risks to being fat (and there are some health benefits, such as recovering better from cardiac arrest)! Also, most people who try to lose weight fail 95-98% and it's not because they didn't have willpower or what have you. It's simply because people are different sizes and when you try to fight your body it fights back (it'll lower your caloric output if you lower your caloric input).

Good luck with increasing your health but don't make it about losing weight!

P.S. I really enjoy your blog. Fat activisim is just a pet cause of mine and I couldn't let your comments go uncommented on! If you're curious about the Obesity Myth, check out a book by that name or rethinking thin or just type fat-o-sphere into google.

HeadHardHat said...

Thanks for your comments, they are quite interesting and I will look into the items you have said. For me personally I know the benefits of daily exercise. The combination of a better motabilism and eating habits that comes naturally after and extended program of exercise is key to health. I personally am comfortable with myself but I also know that I cannot stay at the weight and lack of mobility I have chose to be. This isn't about the weight and much more about better health.

The Bearded Lady said...
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