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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So What Happened To HeadHardHat?

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I have been getting some email inquiries as to where I have been hiding the past couple of weeks and thought I should surface and let you know what has been going on. Here is the short story.

I had an absolute blast at CES2012 in Las Vegas this year. I want to state that right off the bat because it really was one heck of an adventure. The first three quarters of it were just fine. Flew in on Saturday and worked all the way to Day Three of Five with nothing more than some sore feet and a blister or two. On Day Four which would be that Thursday I came down with a series of ailments all at the same time. For starters I had one heck of a migraine kick in the early morning. I didn't have any of my usual migraine medicine so I tried battling it with Advil. I was eventually able to even go on the air that day but you can tell that I was in a lot of pain. By late afternoon I started having some severe chills and felt what could have been the flu - oh goodie. By the time we wrapped up and made it to the hotel I collapsed in my room and basically slept all of Friday. I woke up enough to order some soup and toast and get up on Saturday to fly home, or so I thought.

Even though I felt slightly better I noticed my left leg looking like it had a bad sunburn from my ankle to my knee. On Saturday I figured I would just get home and deal with it then. My first leg of my flight to Raleigh was to get to Houston, TX. We waited on the plane for about 90 minutes and then found out that there was a major repair issue (something with the fuel intake) -oh goodie. So we had to 'deplane' and get on another flight. This of course made us all late for our collecting flights and for me meant a fun filled night in Houston. By the time I made it to the hotel I should have already been home. Heavy sigh. On Sunday I was finally on my way home and made it to Raleigh about four in the afternoon. I was exhausted and sick then slept until Monday.

Monday morning my leg was beet red and swollen. Went to the Urgent Care that immediately sent me to the hospital where they pumped me up with Antibiotics and was THIS close of admitting me right then and there. I had no fever or bad white count. I should have been a lot more sicker than I was (the flu symptoms were pretty much gone by Sunday) so I was sent home to stay off the leg and keep both eyes on it.
Houston we have a problem.

The rest of the week was a complete blur. Worked at home Tuesday, Wednesday. I barely recall trying to get into the Geocaching Podcast on Wednesday night but Talkshoe was not cooperating. Actually went to work on Thursday and Friday then immediately going to bed when I went home. Pretty much slept through the weekend and started feeling fairly human yesterday and today. So as you can see the past two weeks went whoosh and I don't recall much more than that. Hope this all makes sense.

I will be on Geocaching Podcast this Wednesday if the Talkshoe gremlins are smiling. As far as Geocaching World goes we are switching to our Spring Schedule and moving to Tuesday nights. So Tuesday January 31st, 2012 at 6:30PM we will be getting the show rolling once again.

Hope this explains where I have been which is mostly sleeping and why I have been so quiet. Being comatose tends to do that. If you have any comments or questions please let me know. I will be uploading my CES2012 videos over the next couple of weeks at TPN.tv. Be sure to check out all the amazing interviews and back-roll we took. Thanks for the well wishes!


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