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Thursday, March 15, 2012

That Geocaching Bug Is Starting To Bite

I leave my office building here in Cary, NC and the sun today is especially warm. The skies are very blue and the sense that winter, what little we had this year, is now an ever distancing memory.  After opening my cache mobile's trunk I look down to see my trusty Geocaching backpack, pouch and walking poll. 

"Oh man I really want to go Geocaching", is my first thought and in the back of my mind I can feel the Geocaching bug telling me to "go-go-Go!". So yes it is spring and for this area it is time to dust off your gear, replenish your swag bag and plan all the maintanence that may be needed for you existing Geocaching hides. Oh, and getting yourself outside and making those finds too.

Where to start first? For me I will be doing a bunch of park and grabs just to shake out the cobwebs and get my Geocaching seances a tingling again. Then when the weekend rolls around I will be taking a large bag of swag, new log books and my emergency Geocaching repair kit with me. I find maintenance is much more fun if I scout some new Geocaching finds near my hides so I can do a little of both. Then I mark off all the geocache hides from my list so I don't miss any and also archive any that are deemed necessary. Things do change over time and a once great hide might not be so much now due to unforceen factors. The main thing is you are taking the extra steps to make Geocaching as much fun as possible by keeping your hides current.

Ah well, the old clock on the wall says my lunch hour is going fast and I want to get a close by geocache just waiting for me. Hope you are starting to get the Geocaching bug as well and venturing out into the wild. Be sure to send me some photos and stories so I can pass them on!  Headhardhat@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

While geo seances might be needed for some of those evil hides out there, I think geo senses are probably more useful for most of us! ;)