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Sunday, September 29, 2013

How Much Do You Love Geocaching?

Met a nice Geocacher at this years NCGO Fall Fling. 

She just had a tattoo created special as a trackable on her leg the night before.

Do you love Geocaching or some other activity they much to make that kind of permanent commitment?


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Nope. I don't understand the fascination with tattoos.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind tattoos on others - some are downright amazing works of art - I just can't fathom anything that makes me want to personally get one.

Nocona 1 said...

Wow, thanks for featuring my Tinkerbell Gone Tribal!

She was already done but I literally just had the tracking code added the night before. The entire work is part of who I am. I'm descended from Celtic origins on three sides of my family, plus I love caching and trackables. A double whammy!

Thanks again! Cache on and discover away! 68RFCV ;)

Nocona 1