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Friday, May 30, 2014

An Ode To The BulletProof Geocache

Way back in March of 2011 I placed a cool geocache nicely named BulletProof.

HeadHardHat with BulletProof in 2011

It was an unusual heavy duty container designed to carry military powders including the explosive types. So needless to say it could take a beating and smile right back at you. Indestructible right? Well not quite.

The geocache was getting a nice amount of finds and favorite points, at least until about October in 2012.  Since the road going to the trailhead was pretty rough certain times of the year I didn't think too much about the lack of finds. So when I was in the area today I thought it was about time to go see how it was actually doing. Was I surprised.

Pretty sure the geocache is missing at GZ

Not only was the geocache missing but the entire section of the woods was missing.

Heading towards Ground Zero. Not Looking Good.
It is such a shame because the walk to ground zero back when the geocache was placed made for such a nice walk in the woods. Now not so much.

Ground Zero 

When I finally found Ground Zero it was pretty clear that the geocache has gone bye-bye so I had no choice but to archive it.  This is a really good example of why you need to periodically check out your geocaches to see how much the terrain changes over time.

If there is any good out of this is it gives me a really good excuse to go get another bulletproof container and make another equally good hide. Military Supply Store here I come...


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