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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taking Things For Granite On International EarthCache Day 2014

If  you are a geocacher you most likely knew that October 12th was International Earth Cache Day 2014. Where if you wanted to receive a digital customized souvenir you needed to go out and find yourself an Earth Geocache. Myself and wife Amy, The Headhardhatress had a fantastic time exploring an area we never would have known it was there unless looking for this geocache.

In the geocaching world an Earth Cache is a certain type of geocache that does not include a physical container to find. Instead you find a place that usually has some sort of geological significance to it. In our case it was the largest open deposit of exposed granite in North Carolina.

The area was breathtaking with its amazing sights and sounds. There was a football field size area of granite with a stream and mini waterfalls running through it. Tons of different colored mosses and other interesting things to explore as well.

Met up with Team ILM Cachers whilst we were just getting on site and they were kind enough to show us around. Then we found the information needed to send back to the cache owner and we were on our way but not until we had our fill of photos to take. Here are a few. Enjoy.

If you want more information about geocaching and Earth Caches please feel free to look around my blog where there is over eight years of information here as well as our main website at www.geosnippits.com and of course www.geocaching.com as well.


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