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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mutant Mantis Sighting - Michigan

It would appear that HeadHardHat's travel bug Mutant Mantis is up to more B-Movie antics by terrorizing Chelsea and Detroit, Michigan. Seen photographed here MM had a sweet tooth and took on the Jiffy Mix plant in Chelsea before visiting the Detroit Zoo.

More information as it becomes available.


Mr E. said...


Is there a way you can contact me via e-mail? I have a question about a geocach. I am not getting into it right now as I cannot afford a GPS. But, My place of work has geocaches and one by the area I work is missing and I want to know what I need to build one, what goes in it besides "the prize". My e-mail is eric c vogel at comcast dot net.

I do not understand why blogger does not let you e-mail the blog owners.

tonka_boy said...

Ha! That's a great set of pictures! I love B movies. We are great fans of Ed Wood and MST3k. Love your blog!

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