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Friday, July 18, 2008

Daughter Geoness Milestone of 100 Finds!

The second half of Team HHB miss Amanda aka Geoness hit the 100 find mark. Not bad for someone who just started a couple of months ago. She has already attended several events and has taken on Difficulty 3 / Terrain 3 caches. Like the one at the FlashMob Flower Hill caches in North Carolina.

Geoness has cache finds in five states including Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. Often seen with dad HeadHardHat in the Raleigh and many neighboring cities. Geoness competes with HHH to find the cache first so she can be the first to sign the log. She helps a lot when it comes to micros and small caches but her eyes light up the most when ammo boxes are the target.

Please help congratulate the better half of Team HHB, daughter Geoness on her latest find milestone.

Congrats Geoness!

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tonka_boy said...

Geoness, congratulations on your 100 finds! Nice work. And HHH, congratulations on your 300! My kids are all grown, but two of my sons are now geocachers. A great thing to do as a family. You're building lifetime memories.

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