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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Behind The Scenes With The Cache-A-Maniacs

I had a ball yesterday with Darryl (Darrylw4) and Drei (Firefly03) the hosts of the very popular geocaching podcast "Cache-A-Maniacs". I was extremely fortunate to catch up with this dynamic duo during my road trip across the Great Lake State of Michigan. This was a rare but wonderful situation where they were able to do a face to face audio interview with me and I in turn could do a GeoSnippits video interview with them. Most of their weekly shows are done inhouse and over the phone.

The other fun aspect to the interviews was that we were able to do them outside and in a park. The 5th Annual Roseville Geocaching Event happened to be that same day so not only did we get to meet face to face but we attended one heck of a geocaching event ta boot.

I'm not going to go into all the details of what happened but to give you just a taste from behind the scenes in the photo you can see Drei on the left with Darryl in he middle and a wonderful shot of my back. You can also see the mike setups that were used as we recorded their portion of the show. It was really a pleasure talking and beginning a friendship with two individuals that have such a strong passion for geocaching and also what they do in their craft of the media world.

You will be able to hear my interview on the Cache-A-Maniacs show as well as the Cache-A-Maniacs interview on GeoSnippits in the very near future. Please be sure to stay tuned for all the fun.

If you want to get THE scoop on all the hottest geocachers out there go to the Cache-A-Maniacs website here --> http://www.cacheamaniacs.com/

Please don't forget to visit our GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos Website at http://www.geosnippits.com

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