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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Almost Dieing Really Sucks But Beats the Alternative

Well if you have been wondering where I have been for almost the last two weeks the answer is flat on my back and basically fighting for my life. Yeppers you read right the big HHH came THAT close to geocaching on the other side of the pearly gates. Hmmm wonder what kind of swag they have in heaven? Anyways..

Long story short about two weeks ago I developed what I thought was a spider bite in a very delicate place. My touche to be exact. It started about the size of a marble, was hot and painful. I didn't see any ring like a recluse would cause so I decided to wait a day or two to see if it would just go away.

The next day it had grown to a nice golf ball size. Disturbing yes but again redness and still no ring. By the third day it was the size of a baseball and started to develop red lines on the lump and now redness was spreading all over the place.

I refuse to go into the verbiage my wife was willing to use on me for waiting up to this point because this is a family blog site. Let's just say if one thing wasn't going to kill me, I would still not be out of harm's way. So that was when I went into urgent care to show the doctors my, wait for it, pain in the ass.

There is nothing like going to a total stranger and saying, "hey come look at my butt," but this was serious and at the time I did not understand what was actually happening. You see somehow I came in contact with MRSA a nasty infection that can kill a healthy human in a couple of days if left untreated. For me being a diabetic it is even more of a danger. Especially if ones blood sugar is out of control. This means your white blood cells are not able to fight infections like they should and you are in a whole heap of trouble when this happens. Guess who had not been taking good care of himself like he should. Again the wife lets me know how big of a weenie I am, told you so this, told you so that... Point is she was right and it almost cost me a permanent dirt nap.

Won't go into any further details but I now have an extra super-sized dimple on my bum that wasn't there before and a whole new understanding for when the doctor tells you to keep your diabetes under control. I spent the rest of the two weeks weak as a two year old and hoping the tons of antibiotics I was on would work. There are resistant strains of MRSA that do not work with antibiotics and then you more than likely will die from it. Fortunately for me they did work but the doctor said if I had waited another day they may not have and that would have been bad.

So take some advice from an old fool who learned a lesson he can now continue to teach to others. If you are diabetic and think you can continue to do things your way and believe there are no consequences for not doing what is right then you are a fool like me. You need to get your sugar under control then keep it there. Want a dirt nap? By all means keep doing what you are doing but don't tell me I didn't warn ya. The price of not being there for your family and friends is just too much to pay.

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Just John said...

Sorry you had to go through a rough time, but I'm happy to hear that you're recovering from it.

Erika Jean said...

Sorry to hear about your close call. Glad everythig turned out okay!!!

P.J. said...

Glad you are doing better and as someone who is on the borderline of the diabetic thing, I know watching the eats, blood and everything else is very important. Keep it under control!

eddydc said...

That sounds really bad, but I'm happy to hear that you're getting better. Take care.


Shawn said...

Man!! Take it easy!! You are the celebrity Geocacher! Don't be checking out yet!! Glad to hear you are ok! Take it easy man!

Keep On Cachin!

D. Gudger said...

I am so glad you're okay. Thanks for sharing your story. My mom is insulin dependent and it's not unusual for her sugar to spike to 500 over the course of a day, only to be down to 80 later that night. Diabetes is scary. A good reminder to not play with numbers and hope for the best.

team spongebob said...

wow! i'm so glad you went to the hospital! MRSA is no laughing matter!... even on your bum... and i'm glad to hear you're on the mend! :D kristy


indigoemt said...

Get better HHH! Take it easy and rest!! When you're rested up and all better you should come down to Texas for our Geocaching event in October!!!