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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cachers of the Round Table the StickPic and Me

One of the many cool things doing a video series like GeoSnippits and now a television show like Treasure Cache TV is it allows me to mingle with so many other geocachers who also happen to do interaction with the media. In this case podcasts. A podcast is sort of like a taped radio show that is placed on the Internet and can be listened to at any time. Darrylw4 of Cache-a-maniacs fame also heads up a podcast known as the Cachers of the Round Table. Here hosts of podcasts and in my case videos and TV get together to discuss different interesting topics that are related to geocaching in some way.

In this month's episode (June 2010)
http://www.cachersroundtable.com/index.php?post_id=620364 we discussed Caching Connections which touched everything from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to photograph based websites such as Flickr. A really good show if I must say. Actually I do, it's a really good show.

One of the other features on CRT is each of the guest panel describes their favorite gadget, gizmo or application for the month. Mine was an rather cool product known as the StickPic which can be attached to your personal camera and placed on a hiking pole to provide more background to your photos when you are by your self in the woods somewhere. Check it out.

That and more on this month's edition of the Cachers of the Round Table Podcast.

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