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Friday, January 7, 2011

HeadHardHat in January 2011 Cachers of the Round Table : Listing Services

If you don't know what the Cachers of the Round Table Podcast is please allow me explain. Think of this particular podcast as a group of geocachers sitting around discussing different geocaching topics that come to mind. You as the listener get to eavesdrop in on that conversation. The CRT podcast is hosted by none other than Darrylw4.

Darryl, Headhardhat, Drei
Darryl is one of the most hardest working individuals I know in the geocaching/media biz. Not only does he host CRT but also the Cache-A-Maniacs Podcast and co-host with Xpunkx and the Geocaching Podcast. He is a media wiz which means he knows his stuff in the television and video world as well as audio. You can see him featured on any number of other programs all over the internet. So be sure to check Darryl out on any of the links I am providing in this post.

That being said January's Cachers of the Round Table podcast is now available and ready to be enjoyed by you. The panel discusses many of the different geocaching listing services that are available and is a very good show.
You can hear it by clicking this link:


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