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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) Episode #32 - FAQ's

What a fun show tonight. This episode of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) was in that fun and easy style of a Meet and Greet. Here we get away with a lot more. We communicate with the chat room a whole lot more and they interact right back with us. This makes the show so much more entertaining because the chat room sort of directs how the show goes. Tonight we did an FAQ show, in other words, a geocaching Frequently Asked Question show. It doesn't matter how much a person does geocaching there are always questions about some subject or another. Tonight we pulled out of a hat a bunch of different questions and then discussed them. This further brought in other questions from the chat room and on we went.

The weekly show prizes were both donated by our friends at GxProxy.com. the first was some great Trail Tags. These are night type tacks that are directional. They literally can point in the next direction you want the finder to go. Our winner of this had to encode a message into Rot13 and that was - Dane Morgan.

The second question was what does the acronym TPTB mean? The winner was Louis Caplan who won some really nice GxProxy.com donated Waypoint Tags.

It was so relaxed tonight even Dave Dufour and I got to make fun of Producer Courtney Wallin in regards to the Michigan / Notre Dame game played earlier in the week. I was able to get my "Go Blue" digs in because they won said game and Courtney gave one of her best "The Look" expressions I have had in a while.

Questions tonight touched adopting a geocache, how reliable are smart phone GPS units, what is a stash note and do a lot of geocachers like geocaching alone. There were tons more but these are some of them.

We went through two different "Lets Go Geocaching" videos where we witnessed a bunch of different geocaching hides in areas around the country.

There was a whole lot more talked about as well but you really should see the show itself. It is well worth the watch.



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