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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast Ep. 230 - Creative Cache Containers II

Tons of the usual stuff goings on with the Geocaching Podcast. Tonight's episode started out with the news that Darrylw4 has been sick for most of the week so it was only going to be XpunkX and myself. No biggie in that regards but it is always that much nicer when we are all on together.

Next Talkshoe did what it does best by having some buffer issues. So when I was right into the middle of a really good roll of content I had to be stopped because I was breaking up too much. Problem it wasn't me but everybody was breaking up. You could tell because many people had to disconnect and log back in. I think it was only pure luck that we didn't get logged off like usual.

The banter part of the show went off really well. XpunkX talked about his Thanksgiving and meeting up with fellow geocacher jeepin_idaho and his family. Whilest I did not get too much actual geocaching in but instead chilled out and enjoyed some solid holiday time.

I did get a real kick being able to talk about XpunkX's son Micah did his TV debut on my show Geocaching World and that we showed of video of Micah putting out his first geocache. That and the fact that his first hide was based off of one of my GeoSnippits PVC geocaches. Micah was so cute and we are so happy putting this first moment out on the show.
Geocaching World Episode: http://rvnewsnet.com/2011/11/29/thing-a-ma-bobs-geocaching-style/

Tonight's episode was about Creative Geocaches. We talked about so much and shared so many great hides. We discussed how creative geocaches can blend in so well in the environment. Then other geocaches that are hidden in plain sight. To many examples to mention here so you will just have to listen to the podcast. Lessee what else? Creative puzzle geocaches like the ones the Dirtbag Geocaching Society place or other ones that are unique like the one that Echo6Charlie is going to send into space. So much content and so little time. Again go listen to it when it comes out in the next day or two.

We record the Geocaching Podcast each and every week on Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST. The recorded episode for this week will be available any time now via iTunes and the Geocaching Podcast website.

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