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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) Ep. #913 - Geocaching Thing-A-Mabobs

What-cha-macallits,  whos-a-whatzis and thing-a-mabobs was the theme for last night's recording of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv). When I first Skyped in to the studio it sounded more like gremlin's day. Apparently Producer/Co-Host Courtney Wallin was having some continuous technical issues all day and they were not slowing down right up to show time. Now I have never seen Courtney mad before and quite frankly all she has to do is give me "The Look" which is enough to send shivers down the spine of any action hero. So when she was stating that she was going to lose it, I wasn't sure I wanted to be around when that happened. Fortunately for everyone things mostly settled down in time to do the show.

One of the things that we have been playing with is the use of Google+ hangouts during the recording of the show. We tried it again last night and had some really nice results. There is going to be a bunch more tweaking that needs to be done to get the full functionality but I can see it as a nice addition in the not too distant future. One of the cool things that I can do is run a second camera off of my second computer when we do this. I just found it a bit cumbersome because I also use that monitor for watching the chat-room while we do the show. So it also is going to mean getting a second monitor for that system like I have for my primary system. That will be four monitors going now but it is necessary between the Skype session, show notes, hang out, chat-room and anything else I need. Oh and the addition of a new Microsoft Lifecam Cinema webcam has greatly improved the Skype session over my laptop camera. HD is a good thing.

Wow, just realized how much I was rambling about all the technical stuff going on and haven't talked about the show itself yet. Ah well isn't that what the "Behind the Scenes" goodness is all about? Okay, on with the show.

We talked about many of the favorite thing-a-mabobs that geocachers use when out geocaching. Theses items are not your run of the mill things like GPSr units, topo maps or ammo cans. More like extension grabbers, multi-tools and led light baseball caps. This is all geocachers information gold because you are going to run into a situation where you have to get a geocache and you don't have the right gizmo to do it. This show will help you fill up your geocaching pack with the right tools for the job. If you want to get all the details you will have to watch the entire show when it goes into distribution. Don't fret it will only be a week or so.

PRIZES! Glad you asked. The Geocaching World Cache Stash was really hopping tonight with contributions of a pack of Waypoint Markers from GxProxy.com and a beautiful wrist bracelet from GeoSurvivalGear.com.

The BIGGIE contest prize of course was the CoinsAndPins.com Compass Rose Sample Geocoin. It is a one of a kind geocoin which are extremely coveted. In fact if you read this before EOD Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 you might want to read about it here and send in your entry.

Special thanks to Courtney Wallin and Managing Director Andy McCaskey for doing a really fun show. Plus another huge thank you to everyone who was watching us record and also interacted in our chat-room. Mucho Thank You, the show would not be the same without you!

All of our released Geocaching World episodes are available in iTunes and on the RVNN.tv website but if you did not make it to the live recording you can see it when it is released soonly.

Geocaching World is recorded LIVE each and every week on Thursday at 6:30pm EST. We meet up in the chat room here: www.ustream.tv/channel/rvnn-live.

If you are a company who would like to participate with our Geocaching World Cache Stash Sponsorship Program and donate prizes for our show please email geocache@rvnn.tv for more details.

See you next week.


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