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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Check Out The TechPodcast Network Google+ Page - If its Tech Its Here

The TechPodcast Network - If It's Tech It's Here
Let's face it. Geocachers are all geeks at heart. I mean who else uses electrical devices to find Tupperware in the woods?

Please be sure to check out the TPN.tv Google+ Page and get the very best of everything Tech. I am a proud member of the TPN.tv family which also distributes my show Geocaching World.

We are gearing up for CES2012 which will be happening in a few short weeks. Be sure to stay on top by frequently visitiing our TPN.tv site.

And remember. With the TechPodcast Network - If it's Tech It's Here!


Andrew Smith shared a Google+ page with you.
If its Tech Its Here

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