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Monday, December 5, 2011

Geocaching Holiday Gift List 2011

Geocaching Holiday List 2011 / Poll 2011

Well it is that time of year again. Time for when I get asked all sorts of questions from geocaching spouses and other family members what is the most requested items this year. I have been doing this poll for four years now and it is interesting how quickly the technologies have been changing. For example, you can see how smart phones have replaced PDAs. They also have effected the areas of photography and handheld GPSrs. Even though smart phones have made a huge impact in the geocaching world. They were NOT in big demand this year when it came to geocachers and this year's holiday list. In fact they were at the bottom of the list. I am thinking because of pure saturation but that is just my humble opinion. Nope this year we are going back to the basics for geocacher holiday gifts. Sure a lot of requests came in for handheld GPSrs but many cachers want basic Geocaching Stuff including tools and helpful items when out in the wild. Check out this year's list right off the press and hopefully it will give you some helpful gift ideas. Enjoy.


The way this years holiday list was compiled was a combination of entries from geocachers on both my "Obsessed" blog and from geocachers on the Geocaching.com forums. The list below was broken up into main groups from most popular to least. You may notice little "x" marks by many of the items. That signifies higher groupings of votes for that item.

Handheld GPSr

GPSr - Basic, Paperless - xxxxxx
This year's most popular request came from a lot of new geocachers who may have a smartphone already or is just starting out with geocaching and would like a good basic unit this year. There was no specific GPSr brand defined so we clumped these all into one.

GPSr - Garmin Etrex 20 - xxx
A very popular choice this year which may make the Garmin Etrex 20 the new replacement for the Garming 60Csx.

GPSr - Oregon 550t - xx
Little more on the higher price end but still under many of the geocachers gift wish lists.

A bit on the more expensive side yet the GPSMAP62 is a holiday favorite.

GPSr - Magellan Explorist
If you are starting out with geocaching and want a good reliable GPSr the Explorist may be the GPSr for you or the geocacher in your life.

GPSr - Montana
For the geocacher who wants all the bells and whistles found in the modern GPSr unit and has no problem handling the price tag. The Montana is the most chosen king of the hand helds.

Other Geocaching Stuff

Ammo Boxes - xxxxxxx
Everybody loves ammo boxes and these were the most highly sought after gifts when it comes to geocachers. You can get some really great deals out there if you look for them in bulk. For example - EBay.

Lock and Locks Containers -xxxxx
Ahh, the plastic equivalent to Ammo Boxes. Lock&Lock boxes are still highly sought after by geocachers. Did you know you can actually use them for storing stuff in them as well? Who'da Thunk?

Time - Time away to Geocache - xxxxx
Believe it or not for the past three years Time was THE number one requested item that geocachers wanted. Even though it has slipped down the poles a tad. Many a geocacher would love to have a guilt free slice of time to go out and geocache to their hearts content.

More Quality geocache hides - xxxx
Another non-tangible item has come up onto our list. Many geocachers have expressed quality over quantity when it comes to geocaching hides. So why not bring some holiday goodness to others by putting out a well thought out geocache instead of a plain ole park and grab? I am sure many would greatly appreciate it.

Trackable Tags - xxx
It would appear the simpler things in a geocachers life is what is wanted this year. At about $5.00US a tag. Giving a pack of travel bug tags is a great stocking stuffer.

Geocoins - xxxxx
We had a bunch of requests for geocoins this year. Many had specific ones in mind while others would love any geocoins they could get. Geocoins also make a huge impression to geocachers and are a great gift idea.

Walking Stick - xxx
Walking sticks are both extremely useful while geocaching and can make quite the statement. There are many places you can get walking sticks but if I may make a suggestion try Brazos Walking Sticks via the internet. They have a very impressive collection.

Geomobile - $2.5 million - xx
We had several geocachers requesting a Geomobile of some type or another. I found the one that was tricked out to the tune of about 2.5 million dollars. Yeah we can dream can't we?

Multi Storage for swag
Another inexpensive idea that goes a long way. Storage containers for geocachinig stuff is always a hit.

Over the back of auto seat organizer
For geocachers on the go this was a really great idea. A storage organizer that hangs on the back of car seats. A perfect place to hold all your park and grab items for quick and easy access.

Rechargable batteries
This just goes without saying in today's techno gadget world.

Gas Card
Another new item this year but what a winner. Giving your significant other a pre-paid gas card so they can go geocaching is a wonderful gift idea.

Annual Park Pass
Great idea for any geocacher. An annual park pass is one of those items you may never think of getting but the receiver would be oh so happy to receive.

Extended Geocaching Weather
It would be oh so great to have just a few more weeks of geocaching weather. Especially if the extreme hot/cold times of year are approaching. It never hurts to wish.

Clues to puzzle geocaches
Another "This would be so cool if..." Holiday wish.

Geocaching.com Premium Membership
Give the gift that keeps geocachers rich in pocket queries.

Waterproof Log Sheets
An inexpensive but great geocacher stocking stuffer.

Geocaching Mentor
This was another new addition to the Holiday Wish List. There are ton's of new geocachers out there that would love nothing more than to spend an afternoon with an experienced geocacher to take them out and show them the ropes. How about making a holiday card stating just that and give it as a gift. Costs nothing but what an impact you could make to someone else.

Geocaching Tools (Multi-tool, headlamp,etc.)
It was sort of suprising to me how this year some of the more popular requests for holiday gift requests were geocaching tools of the trade. Check out the list below for some great inexpensive holiday ideas.

Tools - Extendable Rod with magnetic tip -xx
Tools - Compass
Tools - Extendable Illuminating Mirror
Tools - Hand Sanitizer
Tools - Latex Gloves
Tools - Petzl Ultra Belt Headlamp 350 Lumens

Outdoors Clothing
When the weather starts getting colder out, geocachers need to stay protected during their adventures. Outdoors Clothing is a great help.

Clothes - Geocaching earings - xxxx
Clothes - Gloves
Clothes - Hiking Boots
Clothes - Ponchos
Clothes - Snow Shoes
Clothes - Focus T-Shirt

Smartphone for Geocaching
Never thought I would see smartphones at the bottom of the gift list but on the other hand so many geocachers already have them why not ask for something else? Interesting.

Smartphone - Blackberry Cell Phone with geocaching app
Smartphone - Galaxy Nexus

Camera Equipment
Another victim to the smart phone phenomenom. They say that the best camera you can have is the one that is with you at the time needed. Smart phone cameras are high pixel in quality and are right there in your pocket. This is causing the dedicated camera equipment to be needed less. It really dictated that this in this year's poll.

Auto GPSr
In my humble opinion Auto GPSr units are also directly effected by the smart phone usage. So many smart phones have navigation apps available for free or a minimal price. Why spend so much for expensive annual maps if they are no longer needed? I think unless you use an Auto GPSr for specific reasons. They are going the way of the PDA.

Geocaching App for Smartphone
Geocaching Apps were the lowest requested item of this year's Holiday List. Mainly because everybody downloads apps on a regular basis. They are not in demand during the holidays for that very reason. They are so inexpensive and easy to install that people no longer associate them the same way as say getting a long awaited video game for a computer.


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Anonymous said...

Just a heads up to anyone buying a gift for the geocachers in your life, most of this stuff can be found on The Sportsman's Guide, and some of it is even on their holiday gift guide which will save you a bundle on whatever you might be purchasing. Hope this helps someone out there, and Happy Holidays everyone!