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Monday, April 9, 2012

Where In The World Is Pete The Parrot? Groningen, Netherlands

Well know geocaching travel bug Pete The Parrot

Ah, world renown travel bug Pete the Parrot (TB21K5T) has been on the move again and back in January traveled an additional 11,378 miles from New Zealand all the way up to the Netherlands. Pete is one well traveled party animal with well over 36,000 miles under his belt.

Pictured below Pete is making a new friend at a game preserve called The Parrot Place near Kerikeri.

Pete The Parrot has been travelling the world since April of 2008 and has been enjoying all the fun and excitement down under. Even though the temperatures are not as warm where he is now. Pete stayed for quite the extended stay in Europe back in 2010.

If you want to check out Pete's map, photos and everything else he has been up to visit geocaching.com and use the travel bug code of TB21K5T. Enjoy.

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Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

That is one well travelled TB. The one I put out last year has moved about 6 miles :)

lavinka said...

I love traveling items also. You know that only by geocoins travelbugs and began looking for GC.com cache? In my country, is popular Opencaching and other objects traveling (free) - geokrety.org, more like travelbugs than geocoins.
Once I even won a badge TB in the competition and let the motion. It was love padlock and unfortunately lost in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the lock was very old and can not find a similar reactivation. :(

ReeJ said...
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ReeJ said...

I posted your request on twitter where a lot dutch geocachers can read it.

ReeJ, The Netherlands

also blogged it on my site: