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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Geocaching and the Multi-Tool

Shy of a good pair of tweezers, I cannot think of a more useful tool for anyone's geocaching arsenal than the multi-tool. In fact many multi-tools come with tweezers; so there ya go.

Multi-tools allow a geocacher to open geocaches that are stubbern to open, remove a geocace from its hiding spot (pictured) and a great retriever of geocaching logs.

You can go very inexpensive with a basic tool or all the way with dozens of functions. Any way you go, having one of these handy dandy tools on you can be a life saver.

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Jonathan Birch said...

I completely agree, I use a Leatherman Skeletool for picking micro and nano caches out of locations without having to use my fingers. stops them potentially getting cut.