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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bye-Bye FeedBurner... Hello FeedBlitz

New RSS Feed For You To Subscribe To

Well leave it to Google to have so much brilliance and yet still be able to do things in such a numbskull sort of way. Why oh why, would you take an integrated RSS structure like FeedBurner, you know the one that is integrated into your Blogger application, and then suddenly abandon it with no out for your faithful blogger universe? Did somebody just one wake up one day and go, "I think I will mess with the majority of our Blogger community and shut down their way of exporting their content to their followers...", really?

Okay enough of the ranting, it's not going to get me anywhere. The main reason for this post is to notify all my subscribers and there are oodles of you. That you need to re-subscribe to my new RSS feed. I decided to go with FeedBlitz and even though I have to pay for the service it is minimal - though if you want to donate there is a button on the right side of my blog.. Just saying.

Below are the easy links to choose from:

Feed URL: http://feeds.feedblitz.com/geocacheimnotobsessedright
XML URL: http://feeds.feedblitz.com/geocacheimnotobsessedright&x=1
Mobile Friendly: http://m.feedblitz.com/geocacheimnotobsessedright

You have many more options including email, mobile, facebook, twitter, plus others so you can get all of my blog goodness just about anyway you like it.

You can also subscribe via directly from my blog as well. Just click the RSS or Email links in the right pane.

Again sorry for the inconvenience of all this but this has blindsided many a blogger but the good news is FeedBlitz has a newsletter format that will become available to all of my subscribers once it is ready.

Enjoy and thanks for re/subscribing to my blog!

-Andy HeadHardHat Smith

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Rebecca Caroe said...

Andy - thanks for recommending FeedBlitz. We appreciate you publicly commenting.