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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) - Geocache Placement and a Cool Contest

Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Courtney Wallin (Geocaching World)
Had a great time last night as we recorded our Latest Episode of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv).  Due to some unforeseen issues we had to take a few weeks off and believe you - me both Courtney Wallin and I were just itching to get back into the groove.  The photo above was taken just before we started the show by Courtney and she says to me, " make a happy dance " , so that is just what I did. Now this image is proudly displayed somewhere in Instagram for all the world to enjoy.

Our latest episode was very informative as we discussed placing a Geocache. Everything from how to pick just the right spot to put a geocache hide, figuring out if other geocaches are nearby to how the review process works. There are tons of insightful Geocaching greatness for you to contemplate so when the episode comes out in a couple of days be sure to watch it. 

We also introduced a brand spanking new contest for you to get involved with. How would you like to possibly win a limited edition Chris Mackey Geocoin based book?  I knew you would, just look at this beauty.

The rules are simple. To have an entry in the drawing to win this amazing prize you need to take a photograph of yourself with a Geocoin. It can be either one you found while out Geocaching or from your personal collection. Send that photograph with all your contact information to headhardhat@gmail.com. Have it in no later than 12:00 Noon ET October 9,2012. Now here's the kicker. If you have somewhere in the photo the words or logo for Geocaching World we will put TWO entries in for you. Remember - only one photo per person please. Restrictions of the law for your personal residence may apply.

So hurry up and get your photos in. Who knows you might get them shown in one of our social services or on Geocaching World itself. Good Luck to everyone.

Andy HeadHardHat Smith

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