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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast - Extreme UK Geocaches

  Last nights recording of the Geocaching Podcast was in my humble opinion very interesting. Though I would feel more comfortable if I could somehow stick a label stating " Do this at your own risk " or  " Think before you do ". In other words I personally felt a bit uncomfortable discussing extreme Geocaching with our guest. Let me 'splain.

We started The Geocaching Podcast last night without a hitch. I am so glad we ditched Talkshoe and now signing into Google+ Hangout is so easy and my initial setup is really minimal. We now record via Hangout OnAir with the three of us and any guest and the show is broadcast off of the Geocachingpodcast.com/live web page including an ever improving chat room. No muss, no fuss and easy for all to enjoy. Now in regards to the show itself. We had on as our bleary eyed guest (it was 2:45am his time) a member of a Geocaching group known as The 3Fruits. These spirited young guys from The UK are relatively new to Geocaching. Our guest last night had about 150 finds or so but they craved to find the more extreme Geocaches in their area. Apparently there really were none so they decided to start placing them instead. 

Keep in mind that when I say extreme I mean EXTREME difficulties. Their placements have you hanging off of all sorts of bridges, dams and other high places.Now don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with this EXCEPT they insist doing their placements without any safety equipment. I understand having the adrenalin rush with something like this but the common sense part of my brain kicks in, sorry must be my age.  Anyways they do not tell others to try getting these Geocaches without equipment but it doesn't appear to be stressed much. Again personally I just don't want someone getting hurt doing a placement all for the sake of a hide. Plus you can already imagine the headlines if they do get hurt or worse, but I digress. 

Do we need extreme Geocaches? Absolutely, Geocaching needs challenging and physically demanding hides for those of whom wish to obtain them. They all can't be lamp post caches. Common sense on the other hand must present itself. Not only for the hider doing the placement but also for the geocacher going for the smiley. If your physical limitations are telling you that it is beyond your capabilities then for the love of all that is holy, DON'T DO IT! Also, do the ole Headhardhat a favor so my beard does not get any whiter than it already is. Use safety equipment when attempting these types of Geocaches. People around you may call you a chicken but at least you will remain a live chicken. Pa-kaw. 

So needless to say the show was great and XpunkX, DarrylW4 and myself had a good time learning more about these challenge minded geocachers across the pond. The actual show should be going live any time now or you can go to the geocachingpodcast.com/live web page and see the videocast uncut. Either way it is worth a good listen.

The Geocaching Podcast is recorded live each Wednesday at 9:30pm ET. Be sure to see the live videocast and participate in the chat room by going to geocachingpodcast.com/live

See you next week for our December Cacher Coffee!

Andy Headhardhat Smith

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