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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast - 2012 Holiday Gift List

 Well last night's recording of the Geocaching Podcast was jam packed with holiday gift ideas AND was the switch over and away from Talkshoe. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this decision from podcast originators XpunkX and Darrylw4.  Talkshoe for me personally and to many others was a complete and utter pain in the arse. Constant changes to the software, VOIP conflicts and consistent unreliability made Talkshoe a pain to work with.  Now I will give it this, that the Chatroom was very nice to use with our listeners. The pro version was even nicer so finding a close alternative may be a bit of a challenge for Producer XpunkX. I have faith though that a good solution is not far down the road.

HHH, Darrylw4 and XpunkX shown here doing the Geocaching Podcast - LIVE!

What are we using now? Well, instead of just listening to us talk during the podcast recordings and type chatting in the Chatroom. We are now using Google+ On Air and the Geocaching Podcast Live website.  So now all you have to do to watch us record live is go to www.geocachingpodcast.com/live and you are done. There is an embedded video right there that let's you watch the three of us as we record and then just below is the Chatroom. We still have to work a couple of kinks before it is complete but all in all I think you are going to have an even better and more enjoyable experience with our show.

Speaking of which, last nights show was absolutely jammed packed with Holiday Gift List information for the geocacher in your life.  We started out at gifts under $10 and worked our way up. Each of us gave enough of a variety to give most everybody some great gift ideas. Be sure to check it out when the podcast goes live in the next day or so and there should be a YouTube version available as well. Enjoy.

The Geocaching Podcast is recorded live each and every Wednesday nights at 9:30pm ET. Be sure to see us as we record live by visiting us at www.geocachingpodcast.com/live.

See you next week,

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think this was the 3rd time I've tried to catch the show live. I must say that I'm happy to see TalkShoe gone.

I think the show went well. The Youtube broadcast made it super easy to connect. It's wierd that XpunkX couldn't see the large active screen on top. The only thing I noticed was that when your camera first became the main one it always seemed to take a spilt second to pull focus. Maybe it's because the other guys are sitting closer to the camera than you.