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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out For A Stroll In The Woods, Lake, Swamp and Greenway

Was out enjoying a nice day with my girlfriend Amy and walking around Lake Benson Park. It was a very nice change of sunshine and 60 degree days after a couple of weeks of snow, ice, rain and blech. The sun was out and only a slight breeze the closer to the lake the path took us. There were a couple of new geocaches that I had not picked up before so it was an opportune time to do some filming. One of the cool things about Lake Benson Park are all the different terrains packed in this great place. You have a wide field of cut grass, woods, swamp and beach - awesome.

The concept that both Debaere and I have been working on is essentially creating a 2-3 minute geocaching commercial that we will feature on the show and YouTube. It will be a fast paced overview of our game sport and obsession with the premise of "Geocaching is...". There the viewer will be enticed with a pluthera of factual and comical bits of information about geocaching. 

Because I was taking Amy out for a walk in the woods with me and also have her run the Kodak Sport video camera for me. I tried to get things in one take and not have her have to bushwack through too many briars. She was a real trooper though she did make it clear she was not going to be doing camera work all the time on our hikes. Well noted.

One of our finds in the park was a nano. A fairly fast find but as usual it takes longer getting the log book back into a nano than it does to find it sometimes.

It took me a few minutes longer than I wanted but eventually I got the log into the cap as it should be. 

After several miles of walking in multiple terrains we were able to get the footage that I wanted and were able to head home. I had a great time out today and can't wait until spring gets here in full bloom. Oh and I hope to have our first GeoSnippits Reboot Video out in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.
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