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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

COORDS Are Final For My There Be Dragons Here Multi Listing Series - W00t!

Yes I am one happy geocaching hider. After all the work and investigation along a nearby greenway I finally have all of the coordinates in place for my geocaching series There Be Dragons Here.  So all of the ammo boxes are ready, filled with swag, FTF prizes, notebook and proper signage. The coordinates have been registered in the four listing services and just waiting final approval from two of the sites. The geocaches get hidden tomorrow and once all are approved I will officially publish them to be found. I am very excited and also interested if geocachers will just go for the ones on their listing site and ignore the rest or go for the whole series. I now have officially placed a hide on all the main services.

Will let you know when it is ready and the GC number for the first of the series. Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy the quest.



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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm in Holly Springs and I've recently discovered your podcast. It's nice to hear a podcast from someone who is local!

I have what I think is a basic question. When you say you listed on all four of the major services, what are the major four? Geocaching, OpenCaching(?) are two I'm guessing, but what are the other two?

I'm looking forward to searching for dragons! :-)

- PeppercornElvis

Unknown said...

Well Howdy Neighbor.

Hi PeppercornElvis,

The four listing sites are geocaching.com, opencaching.com, opencaching.us and terracaching.com. I am hoping to have the entire series open by this weekend. There will be a website tied to each of the geocaches as well that will give all the details as to where to look and the listing geocache numbers and such. Thanks for listening to the podcast.