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Saturday, May 25, 2013

GeoWoodstock XI: Meeting Up With The Podcacher Gang - Sonny, Sandy and Sean

(LtoR - HHH, Sandy, Sonny, Debaere

Had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Sonny and Sandy ( plus Sean) from the Podcacher Podcast today whilest attending the GeoWoodstock XI Mega Event. Not only did take a long awaited item off my bucket list, both Debaere and myself was able to share some of their time time during the afternoon.

We started out early in the morning just as GeoWoodstock XI when I noticed that the Podcacher gang were only a couple of booths down from Debaere and myself with our GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast booth. There was very little time for chit chat even though I had been waiting for years to finally meet Sonny and Sandy but the show mush go on and they had to scoot to the main stage area to put on a Q&A show. Then some weirdness happened. Dave and I also went down to the main stage area and found out with S&S that they did not have a microphone set up. In fact there was no PA system at all. YIKES! The compromise was a megaphone that they would have to speak loudly into with the hopes that their voices would carry. Not Good. That and the fact that the crowd did not fully know that their show was about to start. That's when yours truly stepped in and I did some crowd awareness HeadHardHat style. Next thing you know in a couple of minutes the stage area had a nice crowd and Sonny and Sandy were able to go on with their show.

After that we passed hither and yon during the day and mentioning that we needed to each do an interview with the other and that we were looking forward to it. Then 2pm came around and it was Debaere and myself's turn to take the stage. The show went well and we did some audience participation talking about different memorable aspects of geocaching. Debaere was a real champ with it being his first time up on stage like that. I was my usual Headhardhat self.

After our show had finished we all went back to work via our booths until later in the afternoon. Then both Sonny and Sandy came over to our booth and we had a really genuine nice time doing interviews with each other. You will have to take a listen on our shows to really get in the fun but we all had a great time doing them.

Then it was on to the final presentations for the day and it was time to say our good-byes. Again there are people in the media that are genuinely fun to be around and Sonny and Sandy are awesome examples of this. It takes a lot of work to promote one's show and still have time to meet up and converse with fellow podcasters. Sonny and Sandy all day were nothing but fun, professional and a pleasure to be around. I want to thank S,S and S for sharing our GeoWoodstock XI experience. It is not something I will quickly forget.

You can check out the Podcacher Podcast and all of their episodes at www.podcacher.com be sure to check them out!

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