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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When HeadHardHat Says "Poke It With A Stick" Here's Why...

You have heard Andy HeadHardHat Smith state on his videocasts, podcasts and videos to always check before reaching into an unknown or unseen area. HeadHardHat always tells fellow geocachers to "Poke It With A Stick".

Well when you check out the photo for today's geocaching adventures you can see why.

Young Female Black Widow on Geocache

This is a young female Black Widow that was clutching it's nest which just happened to be on the lid of a geocache HeadHardHat was going for today as #14 of the 31 Days of Geocaching. Fortunately it was on the opposite side of the geocache that was reached for but could have very easily bitten when attempting to take off the top.

All of this was caught on video and will be on HeadHardHat's Vlog tonight. Check out Day 14 of the 31 Days of Geocaching Series. Here is the link to the playlist.

The episode should air later tonight (8/14/2013). So keep and eye out or subscribe to HHH's You Tube Channel to be sure and get all of his geocaching videos.

See you then!

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