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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Doing Some Tunnel Geocaching In West Virginia and Some Amazing Geocoin Discoveries

Wife Amy and myself had a great time geocaching on Wednesday after we attended a geocaching seminar earlier in the day. One of the many highlights was attending a Flash mob event which then turned into a nice two mile hike on a bike trail with a dozen or so other geocachers. Finally ending the day with a tunnel geocache. 

HeadHardHat and Wife Amy starting down a tunnel in search of a geocache.
It was a lot of fun and another first for the HeadHardHatress with it being her first tunnel find. All in all she obtained Icons for an Event, Puzzle, Letterbox and Traditional in one day. She is starting to really get into our favorite game, sport and obsession with every new discovery...

Geocacher lpyankeefan and HeadHardHat
Speaking of discoveries we bumped into geocacher lpyankeefan  who had an amazing story about how he obtained an actual Moun10Bike geocoin. I was allowed to discover this highly prized geocoin.

I was also allowed to discover WVTim's Geocacher of the Month Geocoin and there are only a few of those types as well. Amazing finds.

Will go over more of our adventures coming soon...



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