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Saturday, March 15, 2014

On The Way To The WVTim Geocaching Seminar and Gadget GeoTrail Opening

This past Friday, wife Amy aka the Headhardhatress and I headed out for West Virginia from Raleigh, North Carolina. It was very pleasant to not be rushed with a trip for once. We could take our time and just enjoy being with each other on a long road trip. Something we so far have had very little time to do. How we both were enjoying some series us time.

The place we were going to was near Martinsburg, West Virginia. A Geocacher of the Month with Geocaching.com known as WVTim invited us up for this 6th Annual Geocaching Seminar. We had WVTim on earlier in the year with the Geocaching Podcast and found him to not only be a very personable geocacher but also an absolute wonder for making gadget geocaches. So much so he was directly involved with the creation of a gadget geotrail. So this was going to be a fully packed weekend of geocaching fun.

The first part of the adventure of course was getting there and part of the fun was her getting her first Virginia and West Virginia geocaches.

Because geocaching and travel is usually a delicate balance of timed searching and actually getting to your destination we didn't find too many geocaches. Though the ones we did were fun and again Amy's first ones in Virginia made it priceless.

After several hours we finally made it into West Virginia. In this part of the country Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland intertwine with each other. The first geocache in West Virginia did not disappoint.

The geocache we found was fairly obvious but what we found inside made it awesome. Back in a large amount of trees we found a large birdhouse. Now the tell tale sign that it was not indeed a birdhouse was due to the painted on bird hole. There was no way a bird was going to get in. Geocachers on the other hand had free range to what was inside.

We won't spoil all the contents but lets just say the distribution of the log was very old school and the goodies inside inspired a swag exchange of us giving a mag flashlight for Amy's new friend shown above. Sometimes it's cool to give better than what you take.

So in one day Amy picked up geocaches in multiple states and we made good time getting to our hotel and the continual explorations of geocaching in Martinsburg, WV.  More to come.


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