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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Never Would Have Known...

As stated by so many geocachers in the past. I never would have known this place was here if it wasn't for geocaching.

I went out for a lunchtime geocache and had no clue this beautiful park was here. Complete with scenic waterfalls and historic information. I absolutely love finding geocaches in places of interest.

Lassiter Falls is a beautiful place for a geocache. Placed at the site of the old Lassiter Mill including a very well kept park and the amazingly peaceful sounds of the falls themselves. This is a picnickers paradise.

The geocache itself was a quick find and fun to do thou with some hindsight I really wish I brought my lunch with me so I could have spent more time here.

Once again another lunch time geocache I am very glad I found. I will be going back to Lassiter Falls in the future just to sit back an soak in the scenic views it gives.

See you out on the trails...


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