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Monday, April 13, 2015

When Muggles Are Not Muggles - My Geocaching Lunch Time Adventure

If you have geocached for any amount of time you run across this scenario.

Don't find too many doggies in a tree.

You park your car and get everything ready for a hopefully fun geocache find. After checking your GPS you are informed that ground zero for the geocache is 125 feet in THAT direction. No problem until you notice that the nearby sound of a lawn mower is actually a muggle cutting the grass in the same area as the geocache hide. Well shucks, now what? This was my choice for my lunchtime geocache and I wouldn't have time to go looking for another find so I decided to and scope out the situation.

Springtime Geocaching

 Luckily for me there were some benches nearby and I went with the "enjoying the spring time sunshine - sitting on the park benches" ploy.  It worked like a charm and I could easily see the geocache almost at arms reach from my spot.  Then I glanced at the person cutting the grass and grinning ear to ear. "That's my geocache", she mouthed out over the sound of the mower. Which then ended up being a wonderful 10 minute conversation.  "Keeddiiee" who owned the geocache has been a geocacher since 2009 and owned the property at ground zero. It is always nice when you meet up with the cache owners. Needless to say I then moved quickly to get the log signed and found some travelers to move on.

Took the race car travel bug en route to Chicago.

The red race car had a red tag attached that read "Take me to Chicago!". I thought this was a very cool way of placing a one sentence goal that anyone can see and not have to look at the TB webpage.
I will be dropping this one off by the RDU airport travel bug hotel.

So there you go. When are muggles not muggles? When they are geocaching cache owners.  Them's the best kind when snooping around ground zero.



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