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Monday, August 4, 2008

DogsGo2 Do A Switch-A-Roo To Grab FTF

A couple of days ago I placed a rather nasty little cache entitled Krazy Pooh and a Good BM (GC1ET94). Yeah I know what you are thinking and in part you are correct, The cache which was made from a Krazy Glue container and uniquely cammied ended up looking like a little turd. For starters I created three of these but I have a feeling there will be more. Must be the potty humor tickling my funny bone. Long story short this little cache was hidden in a nice shady spot with a valid Bench Mark nearby. So if you go for this cache you get two finds in one.

When I originally placed Krazy Pooh I was not entirely comfortable with the coords that were generated. So to be sure I took the long car ride out (okay it's less than a mile from my home) to re verify everything. I do this because I personally can't stand having a very well camouflaged cache 60 feet off and I did not want to do that to others; so off I went.

As I walked to the cache site I noticed someone already walking around. Without even clearly seeing them I shouted out "Did you find it yet"? I knew for sure it was cachers when I heard a muffled set of giggling coming from the other side of some young pines. That was when I introduced myself to Andy and Cindy a.k.a DogsGo2.

I really am glad I showed up when I did because it was clear to me the coords were off quite a bit and a general point helped get them looking in the right direction. As they searched we talked about our caching adventures and I found out that the caching couple live fairly close to this area. Zeroing in on ground zero they jokingly remarked that they did a switch-a-roo on everyone so they could get this FTF. It turns out on the same day Krazy Pooh went active they just published a dozen or so new caches west of us. Great tactic I thought to myself! Sure it was all coincidence but it is fun coincidences like this that make caching fun. With the sun slowly setting they split up and it was Cindy who found the cache. They have a great rivalry when it comes to caching and I think if she had an extra couple of seconds she would have loved signing the log, putting the cache back and let Andy struggle a little while longer hunting. Oh sweet victories, but Andy noticed she had found the prize. After putting back everything in its proper place we headed across the street to their first Bench Mark. As we looked in the tall grass the benchmark was found in short order and I showed how they can identify a benchmark by it's designated name.

With the sun now in it's last glimmers it was time to walk back to our vehicles and I smiled realizing how nice it was talking with DogsGo2 but it was time to say our farewell's. We of course traded cell phone numbers for that sometimes necessary PAF's and I would like to go caching with them sometime as well. I do so love being able to talk with fellow cachers. Putting names with faces makes going to events that much more enjoyable and you never know when you can invite nearby friends for a road trip. I wish Cindy and Andy all the best on their caching ventures and look forward to talking with them soon.

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