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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The HooHaa TB Geo-Challenge Race Has Begun

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Travellers!

My Travel Bug "Just A Nut"(TB21K6E) is now active in the HooHaa Geo-Challenge Race. It waits to be picked up in my Oxford TB Hotel (GC1C8A2) and taken on it's TB Race for the most miles tracked within the next year. So from October 16, 2008 - October 16, 2009 eight racers are going to be talking smack and feeling the exhilaration of the adventure to come. We all have blogs, a passion for geocaching and of course smackdown events like this race. Each of us come from different lifestyles and parts of the world. One of us is a Marine, another a professional singer, some are into computers, others into sports writing and some we just can't tell right now. You will have to check out our blogs to figure out who's who. No matter which of us you want to find out more about you are guaranteed a good read.

Just A Nut is made for speed and actually comes from a race car. So it knows how to race and wants to see that checkered flag big time. It doesn't mind drafting behind it's next victim then without warning whips around and flies ahead for the lead. Nothing personal, just part of the game.

I think Just A Nut will continue to show that it is a front runner; a leader. No sitting back in the pack like the rest of the competition. It's pedal to the metal for this hunk of steel. For your convenience I have made a quick viewing section in the bottom right of this blog. You will be able to see all the key information of all the racers. Be sure to send in comments and root for your favorite travel bug. We love hearing from you.


go_man said...

LOL! Everyone knows a wheel is round! This will be just a-clunkin down the road! What a nut!

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megha said...

yeah wheels is round

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope your race car nut doesn't blow a gasket too early on! My little hippie TB will be sure to pass on by and rack up those miles!

Good luck!

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tonka_boy said...

Abandon hope all ye who enter the TB challenge. The Geocats have entered the race!

The Northwoods Geocats

Tortoiseshell said...

Love the blog!!!