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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Art of a Geocache Hiding is Camouflage

Why did my geocache get muggled? This question can bring grief to both the cache owner and all the finders that try to seek the missing container. One of the secrets to a good hide is to understand camouflage.

Not all geocaches need to be as well cammied as the little guy in our photo but the greater the possibility of muggles around the more likely you may need camouflage.

There are a few things to consider and here is a helpful quick list:

- Environment colors. Where is your cache going to be hid. In a plant or bush? Between some rocks? Near brick, wood or concrete? Then ask what colors would blend best?

- Textures. There are all sorts of textured paints to simulate concrete, stone, wood, etc. Be sure to verify you choices before you hide your cache.

- Size. A large factor with hiding a geocache is placement size. Let's face it, in a highly populated area a smaller geocache would be much harder to be discovered by a muggle then the 300 pound gorilla that everybody would notice. In wide open wooded space you can open up the size.

So keep in mind before you decide to just drop that Glad container with it's bright blue top in a shallow bush. Be sure to think who is around the hide and how protected it needs to be. You are not only safe guarding your geocache but other cacher's travel bugs and geocoins as well.

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