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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tweezers, It's Not Just For Plucking Eyebrows Anymore

There are key essential items that you absolutely must keep on your person when geocaching.

One of my top five would have to be a good pair of tweezers. Not only are they great for getting that unwanted thorn or splinter out but they are fantastic to get log books out of nanos.

So remember to always keep a pair of tweezers nearby.


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Jax and company said...

Another way to get those little guys out is to take a pencil, place the tip in the middle of the spiral and spin it in the opposite direction of the winding. I'm not saying to leave the tweezers behind, they're still tops for plucking thorns and splinters, but as for nanos, I've not found anything better than a simple pencil.

D. Gudger said...

How timely for my post tweet about blasted nanos. Lucky I had a muggle friend along with freshly manicured talons. She popped that thing right out after malamutemom1 and I spent 20 minutes shaking, poking. twisting and wishing we could throw it into Fall River in Estes Park. :)