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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HeadHardHat's Father's Day Geocache Gift

I was recently asked by one of our GeoSnippits viewers (thanks Casper) for a suggestion in making a Father's Day gift. The father is heavy into geocaching.

So I sat down and asked myself, "What would I want"?

After sorting down the ones that I knew I wouldn't get like that all nighter at Hooters or a date with the Horn sisters I came up with the video you see below.

After doing this video it dawned on me that this could be used for any geocacher in your life and for any occasion. In fact I have already received tips saying you should hide this somewhere for the geocacher to go find. Just remember to give the coords where you hid it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together and be sure to send in the videos of them finding/opening them. Have Fun!

If you want to see this video on you tube go here:

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Shawn said...

Man this is a awesome kit!! You should hide one beside a cache as a FTF prize! Good stuff man!!

GeoJoe said...

I just sent a link to your Father's Day gift guide video to my wife and kids. Let's hope they can take a hint!