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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Blog Therefore I am...

I was asked in a recent interview why I enjoy blogging so much and the answer is simple. If I didn't have blogging as a creative outlet for self expression I would simply explode like a New Years Eve party favor. It is a great way to express my thoughts for those who enjoy reading them. The very cool thing is that there are a whole lot of you out there.. Thanks for being there by the way!

I blog, therefore I am. It is a mission statement for me, a goal that serves a purpose not only for myself but to the benefit of others as well. My passion is Geocaching and there is so much to blog about it. I have been blogging about geocaching for over two years now and there is no end in sight. Not only do I tell all the visual experiences of my adventures but I relay what I have learned and pass it on so others can learn from my successes and failures. Many times with rather comical consequences, ah well, all part of the fun.

So why do I Blog?
As stated above I need a creative outlet and blogging allows me to be me without fear of judgement. Don't like what I write or how I write it? Go someplace else. Don't go away mad, just go away. I write for me and if others find entertaining information or tid-bits from it all the better. I seem to connect with a rather wide range of folks which is great with me. I am not what you would call an eloquent speaker. I tell what is on my mind and in my heart. One reader who I met face to face actually stated "Wow, you really do talk that way". I smiled and said, "Yep, that's me".

What is my target audience?
This took the longest time to figure out because I didn't know what type of reader my craziness would attract. The answer is I am a family style writer. I realized quite quickly that not only did the adult geocaching readers visit my sites but the kids love it too. Once I realized how many younger readers there were I made a pact with myself that this and all my sites were family orientated only. Sure I will slip in a PG-13 photo or comment every once in a while but kids viewing is always a number one importance to me.

How Has GeoSnippits Influenced My Blogging?
My GeoSnippits Videos are yet another creative outlet for me. We now have over forty tutorial videos for the world of geocaching. Those videos are seen literally all around the world. Not only that but I also make exclusive GeoSnippits segments for television. The show it is seen on is Michigan Magazine (RFDTV Network) and is shown in all 50 states twice a week. As far as I am aware right now GeoSnippits is the only regularly shown geocaching show on television. I guess that makes me sort of a pioneer getting the word out about our game, sport, obsession.

My blog is filled with GeoSnippits information. Many times I use my blog to back fill what you see in the GeoSnippits videos. Things that I do not have time to include or to flesh out key points. Even though we do not yet have a blooper reel for GeoSnippits many times you can read about all the behind the scenes things that happen. Always a good read.

So there you have it a bit of background as to why I do what I do when it comes to blogging. It is a fun and needed way for me to express myself through the passing of knowledge. Add in a sprinkling of humor and you end up with something people around the world want to read. Go figure.

See you out on the trails... -HHH

GeoCache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right?
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