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Monday, July 26, 2010

Geocaching Wales: Read About Our Fellow UK Geocachers on the Other Side of the Pond

I get a lot of requests to add or swap links with fellow geocachers all around the world. Some are quite good and some not so much. Because of that I am a bit picky as to what I add to my blog list. The blog I am going to show you now is very much in the good read category and it comes from some of our fellow geocachers in the UK.

It's called Geocaching Wales and even though the geocacher who created it (Dayle Rees) is relatively new to the game he already has two writing contributors Nitroglysarine and Red Kite. Together they have captured some beautiful photos of the Welsh countryside and also some very interesting new geocache designs. What I think I like the most about this particular blog is that the format is crisp and easy on the eyes.

I highly recommend giving it a try ---> http://blog.geocaching-wales.co.uk/.


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Morusa said...


Thanks for posting this!

I'd just like to note that its not solely my blog, we are a collection of Welsh Geocachers posting articles on there, I merely set the thing up!

Would be great if you could amend the post to include our biggest contributers Nitroglysarine and Red Kite!

Thanks again for your kind words, nice to see our logo up there since I have been reading your blog since starting the hobby!

Morusa said...

Morusa is me Dayle by the way :)

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