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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Geocachers Are The Best!!!

You have heard me state time and time again about how geocachers are absolutely the most kind and amazing people on the planet. To prove my point meet @treb03.

A short time ago I had made a comment via Twitter stating how I really wanted a Vernors. For those who do not know this amazing Ginger Soda. I grew up with Vernors which is mostly local to Michigan and a few areas around it. It is not found easily or at all in the Raleigh, NC area. It is a much stronger ginger taste than what you would get from a standard ginger ale drink, is extremely bubbly and the original formula goes back to 1866.

But I digress, Treb03 gave a couple suggestions where I might find it and after thanking him that was all I thought of it. Yesterday while I was attending this years NCGO Fall Fling geocaching event Treb03 handed me two bottles of Vernors. If I remember correctly he bought them in Virgina and toted them to here..

That was a huge and very nice gesture and one I will be talking about for a long time to come.

Thanks Again Treb03

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Erika Jean said...

Oh, Vernor's is DELICIOUS stuff. My Family is from Michigan. We have been able to find it at our local Safeway here in Tucson, Arizona though!

Treb said...

Have you tried the Blenheim ginger ale from SC? It is made not to far from "South of the Boarder" area on I-95 at the NC/SC border. It is probly just as good as Vernors but only available in 12 oz bottles (at least the last time I got it). So on your next trip south you should take a gander at it.

Treb said...

P.S. You can get it at the grocery store at the "South of the Border" tourist trap or order online at http://blenheimshrine.com/index.html