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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Do We Go Geocaching - Be On GeoSnippits!

Here's your chance fellow geocachers. I frequently get asked if we can have guest geocachers on GeoSnippits. If you have been watching and we know you have. You have noticed that we indeed have had a bunch of guest geocachers this season. We want more. In fact we want a lot more. We want you.

There is an episode that I want to make entitled "Why Do We Go Geocaching?".

I thought to myself, why waste this opportunity by just giving my viewpoint? Why not have our viewers and fans send in their thoughts? Geocaching is an extremely diverse game, sport and obsession. Let's see what other fellow geocachers think.

What We Need:
To qualify for a possibility to be in the GeoSnippits video which will be seen on YouTube (a ten minute vid) and possibly on Michigan Magazine TV (a five minute vid) you need to make a 15 second (max) video stating why do you go geocaching.  I can not stress this enough that creativity is key. You can have as many people in the video you want but it must be clearly audible to be used.

  • All entries must be emailed by 12:00am 12/27/2010 - no exceptions.
  • Email your entry to headhardhat@gmail.com with the subject of Why Do We Go Geocaching
  • All content must be PG rated (we are a family show).
  • 15 seconds long max.
Good luck to all and please note that all submissions sent in means you give HeadHardHat aka Andrew T. Smith permission to present your video in GeoSnippits Videos which may be shown on You Tube, Michigan Magazine TV show and other forms of medium.

So get your videophone lens cleaned, charge up your camcorders, find that scenic spot you always wanted to shoot in front and get those entries answering the question Why Do We Go Geocaching?

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